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Strategic Documents


The UWC East Africa Board of Governors, the Senior Management Team and many members of the community spent many months engaged in a scenario-based, transformative strategic planning process.

One major part of this involved us working with a group of internal and external stakeholders to create four scenarios (stories) detailing possible futures for international education here in Tanzania between now and 2030. We embarked on this transformative scenario planning exercise in early 2014, aware that we needed to pay close attention to Tanzania’s medium term future for our own strategy development.

We knew we couldn’t craft scenarios alone. We invited students, parents, staff members, governing board members and shareholders into conversation with representatives of the Department of Education, principals of other schools, business people and a representative from United World Colleges (UWC). We had the support of Reos Partners in facilitating these gatherings and writing up the scenarios. This was a wonderful process of learning that led to new partnerships and friendships being created. Everyone involved valued the time spent together and although it was demanding work we are extremely excited by all that we achieved.

We commissioned the attached set of four scenarios or stories, which show how international education could change over the next fifteen years. We hope that many people will find them interesting and that they will help stimulate conversation across the breadth of the education sector in this country. Download the Scenarios document here.

Our strategic plan evolved from this scenario-based, transformative strategic planning process and can be downloaded here