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What is UWC?

UWC schools, colleges and programmes offer a transformational experience for young people, enabling them to discover the possibility of change through courageous action, personal example and selfless leadership.

UWC is a movement of 18 colleges worldwide. The values at the core of the UWC are:

  • International and intercultural understanding
  • Celebration of difference
  • Personal responsibility and integrity
  • Mutual responsibility and respect
  • Compassion and service
  • Respect for the environment
  • A sense of idealism
  • Personal challenge
  • Action and personal example

Other schools in the movement are:

  1. Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong- Hong Kong, S.A.R China
  2. Pearson College UWC- Victoria, Canada
  3. Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa – Mbabane, Eswatini
  4. UWC Adriatic – Duino, Italy
  5. UWC Atlantic College- Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, UK
  6. UWC Changshu China – Cangšu, Kina
  7. UWC Costa Rica- Santa Ana Downtown, Costa Rica
  8. UWC Dilijan – Dilijan, Armenia
  9. UWC ISAK Japan – Karuizawa, Japan
  10. UWC Maastricht – Maastricht, The Netherlands
  11. UWC Mahindra College – Pune, India
  12. UWC Mostar- Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  13. UWC Red Cross Nordic – Flekke, Norway
  14. UWC Robert Bosch College – Freiburg, Germany
  15. UWC South East Asia – Singapore
  16. UWC Thailand- Phuket,Thailand
  17. UWC-USA- Montezuma, New Mexico