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Welcome, alumni of ISM and of UWC East Africa, known as Ex-ISMers!

This section of the website is for you to reconnect with your old friends and teachers at the school as well as keep yourself updated on current school news, fundraisers and reunions. As we have alumni from over 60 countries in the world this is a great way to keep in touch and stay global. We want you to stay as connected to the school as if you were still here. If you have any ideas, news to share or just want to say hi please use our forums to do so and let us know how you are doing and how we can help keep this vibrant community alive.

Any former student, staff or parent of ISM (or of UWC East Africa) can now join our online alumni platform. It is free and you can use your LinkedIn profile, Facebook or email. Here you can reconnect with each other, set up events and post pictures. Go to – Karibu!

We also have the monthly e-newsletter, Habari za Shule, which you can join by sending us your email address through the Development Office Contact section. To join the Habari za Shule list please email If you want to continue to support UWC East Africa and its future scholars please look at our ‘Support Us‘ page.

Through these pages our aim is to invite our Ex-ISMers and supporters to continue to be part of the school, and to maintain a strong connection with our truly special school.

Over the years we have had reunions at the school and there continues to be a strong connection with many of our alumni overseas through reunions held in Europe and all over the world. We want to help continue to build these connections and have created these pages to help speed the process along.

The ISM Foundation exists to create a culture of philanthropy that we hope will help to transform the school by developing our facilities, enriching our academic curriculum and promoting access to our education to those who can’t afford it. Specifically our scholarship awards for bright Tanzanian students.

We hope you will join us in this endeavour and remain an active part of the ISM/UWCEA community.