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MYP Global Contexts

Global Contexts

Teachers organise the curriculum through emphasising six global contexts in all learning. This is a unique aspect of the MYP and it is a tool for students to see connections between themselves and the real world, to make connections between different subjects, and ultimately to enable enquiry. The Global Contexts encourage us to see important concepts as involving many subjects. In this way, students are better able to appreciate the richness and complexity of knowledge, as well as develop their creativity.
The six global contexts are illustrated below:

Approaches to learning

is concerned with developing the intellectual discipline, attitudes, strategies and skills that will result in critical, coherent and independent thought and the capacity for problem solving and decision-making.

The Personal Project

The Personal Project is undertaken by students towards the end of their M4 year and the M5 year. It is a piece of independent work of the student’s own choice prepared over a period of time and guided by a teacher (supervisor).

The aims of the personal project are to:
• allow each student to inquire into topics of interest and using an area of interaction as the main focus.
• enable each student to demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitudes required to complete a project over an extended period of time.
• give each student the opportunity to reflect on your own and or with others.
• allow each student to move towards thoughtful and positive action.
• enable each student to develop confidence as a lifelong learner.

Some examples of past Personal Projects:

- One Orphan; A complete Education : A fund raising project for a year's worth of tuition fees for an orphan

- Cultural and self-expression through writing; a Novella

- Creating awareness about human trafficking in West Africa

- Hosting a basketball camp for local students

- Engaging with the community through theatre