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Video: ISM Leo’s Story

Leonard Irmscher comes from Dresden Germany. Find out why Leonard attended our Moshi campus.

Leonard was educated in an International environment in a school in Germany. He is very sociable and as he got older he found he lost focus and interest at school.

After a summer holiday visiting Namibia with his family he took the responsibility of researching the possibility of attending school in Africa.

“This was my first time in Africa and I loved the friendliness of the people and the natural environment there. This is when I first became interested in Africa. After this experience I decided I wanted to go away to school and so I asked the director of my last school for advice and he knew Mr White head of Moshi campus and put us in touch.”

Inspired by his experience in Namibia Leonard joined ISM Moshi in M5 and since then his educational experience has changed dramatically for the better.

“I’m did very well, really enjoyed my school life and I feel it has really developed my character. I feel more stable and together and I don’t take life for granted anymore.”

“The education is great at ISM. The teachers are very well trained have a lot of experience and the teaching community is made up of a good mix of personalities which is important. At the end of the day a great school is all about having great teachers.”

Leonard really loved the environment for studying at ISM as it is totally different to anything he had experienced before.

“I just love the environment. You feel more welcome in the community and as the campus is so beautiful you really feel close to nature which you don’t feel when you’re in a school in Europe made of concrete blocks. It has a free feeling being on the campus more than if there where modern buildings and this enhances the educational experience.”

Educationally Leonard sees ISM on a par with a European school.

He believes the education he is receiving is better – facilities aren’t quite as modern but in a way this enhances the teaching and teachers have to be more resourceful and therefore more interesting in the way they approach classes.

Studying the IB Diploma has really inspired Leonard and he was delighted when he secured 37 points in his Diploma and a place at Manchester University

“Obviously I believe it’s a great thing to do. You are required to study a wide range of subjects but these subjects are still studied in great enough depth to allow you to develop an enjoyment and interest in them which is very important”.

“I had a dream. My goal was to do really well in my Diploma and go onto a great University and I have achieved this thanks to ISM!

And finally...

I am really enjoyed myself in Tanzania and will never forget my experience at ISM. It was wonderful!