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Video: ISM Sammota’s Story

Sammota Chungu comes from Mbeya Tanzania. Read about Sammotas story .

Sammota was educated in a local government school until she was sixteen years old. She had always had the dream of studying abroad and so when she saw an ad in her local newspaper offering two scholarships places on the IB Diploma course at ISM she decided to take a chance and apply.

Samotta had heard that studying the IB Diploma at ISM would help her when she came to apply to overseas Universities. Luckily Sammota was a division one student in the Tanzanian Necta System. She competed against 100’s student from all over Tanzania and was successful in gaining one of our two scholarship places in 2013.

“The education is great here. The teachers are very well trained have a lot of experience and the teaching community is made up of a good mix of personalities which is important. At the end of the day a great school is all about having great teachers.”

Interviewed early last year Sammota had this to say about her time at ISM Moshi Campus
“I’m doing very well, really enjoying my school life and I feel it has really developed my character. I feel more stable and together and I don’t take life for granted anymore.”

Everyone at the school was delighted when Sammota scored an incredible 42 points in her IB Diploma. She also secured an unconditional place at Harvard University and commenced study there in September 2015.