About Us

Catch a glimpse of our school

UWC East Africa is a special place. We invite you to take a walk through our website, step out of your imagination and experience first hand a world-class education in an exceptional environment.

At UWC East Africa our primary focus is to encourage and cultivate students’ desires to learn through questions and to think critically. Personal excellence is the goal for each student as they are inspired to achieve at the highest level in ways best suited to each individual.

We are a school with two campuses; one based in Moshi at the base of Kilimanjaro and the other in Arusha at the base of Mount Meru. Many of our students will summit either one or both of these spectacular mountains by the time they come to leave our school. The mountains inspire awe and wonder as well as serving as a reminder of the heights great education can lead a child to reach.

So much of what we offer as a school is echoed through the image and concept of scaling great heights.
Through our innovative internationally recognised curriculum, children and young adults learn to think deeply and act wisely. They do so in an outstanding school environment where there is an abundance of beautiful and indigenous wildlife.

To appreciate this fully we invite you to come and visit our school, walk round our beautiful campuses, and talk to our friendly students and staff. A visit will give you a valuable and more complete insight into our positive and productive learning atmosphere. Quiz us on our standards and witness for yourself the special bond that exists between students and staff. These relationships are at the very heart of UWC East Africa. We will want to know all about your child, his or her likes and dislikes, strengths and needs.

Time and time again our parents remark about how enthusiastic their children are to go to school, and graduates are keen to tell us how the encouragement and academic guidance they received at UWC East Africa has prepared them for life and work in the 21st century.
We believe that this is the result of the powerful combination of the programmes we offer, excellent teachers and the strong ethical thread that informs our teaching practice and which binds our community together.

Our students
  • are curious about the world and different cultures,
  • demonstrate the values of UWC and of the International Baccalaureate,
  • strive to learn about the values, beliefs and practices of their own culture so that they can better understand those found in their host country and elsewhere,
  • seek to understand how personal values, beliefs and practices impact one’s own and other’s contexts for learning and interacting in a variety of settings,
  • are influenced by, but not confined to, the cultures of their upbringing,
  • recognise that many values, beliefs and practices are in fact universal,
  • recognise and reflect on their place in an increasingly interdependent, globalised and connected world,
  • recognise and critically engage with multiple perspectives,
  • bridge cultures and act to create a more peaceful and sustainable world.