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  • Books to Succeed!

    Books to Succeed!

    My name is Jube John, an international student in United World College East Africa. Being from the youngest country of South Sudan, my education was limited to what is offered in class. I struggle to be open-minded through reading books from my parents. I love reading books and cherish the existence of creative writing. When I started in UWC East Africa, my first morning in school was with a sight of a wonderful library on a beautiful campus. I am so happy to experience the world of reading but my heart was sad for my fellow students back home. Luckily, I received an email about the “UWC make a difference” award competition. Then after, I submitted my proposal to the competition. Fortunately, I got the UWC make a difference award of 1000$ to open a library in St Daniel Comboni Secondary School in Juba, South Sudan. I will be using the money to purchase books from Uganda, Kenya and within the country. I am so excited to make a difference in my fellow students in the world of reading and inquisition. I am creating the campaign of “Donate a book” which will enable the project to be larger and make an impact in the lives of my fellow students in Juba, South Sudan. Donations will be transported to Juba, South Sudan.


    “DONATE A BOOK, EDUCATE A CHILD” – Together we can make a difference


    Donations can be made to the main reception: UWC East Africa, Arusha Campus, P.O. BOX 2961, Dodoma road, Kisongo, Arusha, Tanzania. For more information email: