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  • Arusha Campus News – 29 Jan 2023

    UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 29th January 2023

    We are thrilled to be hosting Gale and Shelby Davis this week on Arusha Campus. A chance for parents to meet the Davis’ comes up on Tuesday after our assembly. Assembly will start at 10am and then coffee for parents at approximatley 10.30am. You are all welcome to meet Shelby and Gale in an informal setting at that time.

    Dear Parents

    As news filters through that our Peaks Level 3 trip are back in Moshi en route home to Arusha, my scenic photo this week comes from West Kilimanjaro where much of the school community enjoyed the KiliTrails Festival. A three day extravaganza of running, walking and mountain biking on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Thanks to the organisers and well done to all community members who took part.

    If we thought we would get a chance to relax and reflect after AISA GISS we were wrong. The Arusha Campus calendar shows no sign of giving us such luxuries! The Week WIthout Walls trips are being planned, Diploma 2 students have mock exams to come, Diploma 1 students are putting together Project Week plans and in PYP, P6 have the Exhibition to look forward to later this  semester. Co-curricular Activities (CCA’s) have restarted and next weekend Arusha Campus will be hosting football and basketball for the Northern Tanzania Schools Athletic Association (NTSAA).

    Before all that, we look forward to meeting Shelby and Gale Davis on campus on Tuesday this week. Shelby Davis is the Founder of the Davis UWC Scholars programme from which our school derives huge benefit

    Have a super Sunday,


    PYP News

    In P6’s opening week of their unit of inquiry around plants, we went for a sketching and painting workshop at Themi Living Gardens.

    This week we heard some great songs from the primary school.

    Music and singing is a great way to support learning and to encourage students to participate and present themselves. The P2’s learned songs about biomes and food chains. The P4/5’s learned a song about the 12 body systems. The EC’s were dancing to songs about skeletons.

    Singing is important because it builds self-confidence, promotes self-esteem, always engages the emotions, promotes social inclusion, supports social skill development, and enables young people of different ages and abilities to come together successfully to create something special in the arts.

    Amanda, PYP Co-ordinator

    UWC East Africa Career Symposium 2023

    How do you fancy a career as Formula 1 racing car technical engineer? One of our career symposium speakers last year was just that! Do you have a career that you can give a 20 minute talk about?

    Career and Skills Symposium Volunteers Needed

    We are excited to begin planning the annual Career and Skills Symposium event for the upcoming third quarter. We are looking for alumni, parents, and friends of UWC East Africa in our community (and abroad) to give of your time to speak with  M5-D1 students about your career path/job and/or skills that are important to develop to be ready for employment and life. We will have in-person AND virtual presentation sessions available (large group), networking sessions (small group), and panel sessions. These events will take place 29-30 March. 

    We want to expose our students to as many careers as possible. We are also open to having college students give insight into what they are learning in a particular field.

    Please keep watch on this newsletter, social media, and email communication regarding the date of the event and available volunteer signups.

    Counselor’s Corner

    The image above is the form to fill in if you are able to help with a career talk at our Symposium. Click on the image to see the form.

    The Future Truly is Now! Time to Plan for it!!

    D1 (Class of 2024) individual planning meetings start next week. All D1 students have been instructed to schedule their first meeting with me this quarter to review the post secondary plan they have started, and the additional research they have been provided with resources to complete. Reviewing the drafts that I have received thus far has been a wonderful and inspiring experience. I am thrilled with the possibilities that each of these students’ futures hold. Students have been asked to share their plans with their family so that this is a collaborative endeavor. Ideally, each student will meet with me at least twice before the end of school in June. Parents are welcome to be a part of the meeting, or to schedule a follow up meeting with me at a time that works best for you.

    Also, this is the last call for parent access to your child’s Maia Learning account (for M5-D2 parents):

    Link to Maia Learning Overview:

    Maia Learning website:

    Link to sign up for parent access to Maia Learning (M5, D1 and D2 parents only/M4 access coming soon):

    Skills for 21st Careers Symposium: Volunteers Needed

    UWC East Africa is looking for parents, friends of UWCEA, and ISM/UWCEA alumni who are willing volunteers to encourage our M5 and D1 students to understand what skills they need to develop to prepare for future careers. Our theme for this year’s symposium is focused on how to help students understand the skill sets that are needed for specific career fields/clusters, how students can acquire those skills, what extracurriculars also lead to gaining those skills, and how you use 21st century skills on the job or in your career.

    On the Arusha campus, the scheduled events include:

    Virtual Sessions – 29 March
    7:30-9:00 PM EAT

    In-Person Sessions – 30 March
    7:30-10:00 AM EAT

    If you have advice and want to share your expertise with future leaders on the skills needed to be successful in college or on the job, please use this link to sign up as a volunteer:

    UPCOMING College and University Events

    10 February: 4:00 PM Trent University (Canada) Arusha Campus visit – parents welcome
    16 February: What Every Student Should Know About Picking a Major or Career Path webinar @ 6:00 PM CT/3:00 AM EAT) Link to register and receive recording:
    24 February: Deadline to register for 11 March SAT (in Moshi)
    21 March: 1-4 PM EAT CIS University Exploration Day – Africa
    29 March: 7:30-9:00 PM EAT 21st Century Skills symposium – virtual program
    30 March: 7:30-10:00 AM EAT 21 Century Skills symposium – Arusha campus

    We have just begun to schedule visits for this quarter, so stay tuned for more visits coming our way!

    Have a wonderful weekend of planning for an amazing future!

    Cassandra Ford
    College and Career Counselor

    Cassandra Ford, College and Career Counselor

    The Great Ngaramtoni Litter Sweep

    During the recent AISA GISS summit, Miss Cassandra commandeered a crew of willing refuse collectors (pictured above) and together they spent the morning cleaning up trash along the Ngaramtoni river. Well done for a stirling effort in community service.

    MYP Latest

    No groundbreaking news from the MYP section of the school this week and the picture above, of Eun and Purnansh playing chess before the school day begins is indicative of the calm before the activities in coming weeks.

    Our Week Without Walls starts on 13th February and each class in our MYP will meet up with their counterparts from Moshi Campus and go on a week of interdisciplinary activities. More details will follow but for now here is a reminder of the exciting destinations:

    M1 – Lake Eyasi

    M2 – Pangani

    M3 – Tumaini

    M4 – West Kilimanjaro

    M5 – Lake Manyara