UWC East Africa is a vibrant community that hosts more than 600 students from over 100 nationalities. Diversity, cultural exchange, and youth action are encouraged and supported on our campuses and the events that UWCEA has the honor to so often host are proof of it.

At UWCEA, we believe in not only embracing our global identity but also in weaving ourselves into the vibrant tapestry of local cultures. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, as we actively engage with the local communities of Kilimanjaro and the Arusha region, the reason for which many of our events are open and inclusive to the broader communities that host our school. 

What sets UWCEA apart is the active involvement of our students in shaping the events that define our school calendar. Many of our events are not just organized by students but are initiatives driven and advocated for by the students themselves. This student-centric approach empowers our diverse community to take ownership of their experiences and provides a platform for them to showcase their talents, ideas, and cultural backgrounds. This not only stimulates a sense of responsibility and leadership among our students but also creates a school culture that values collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

National Student Climate Summit

hosted by UWC East Africa

It is with great pride and pleasure that UWC East Africa hosted the 2024 Students Climate Summit on Moshi Campus, between Friday 10th and Saturday 11th November 2023. The summit was organised together with Tanzania’s Student Coalition on Climate (TaSCC), a vibrant network of passionate and proactive high school students committed to identifying solutions for environmental issues in the country. 

For the occasion, students and climate activists from all across Tanzania joined us on this remarkable day whose primary objective was to craft a Proposal Paper on behalf of Tanzanian youth for submission to COP28 in Dubai. TaSCC underscored the significance of amplifying the voices of youth and marginalized communities at COP28 and UNEA-6, positioning the National Students Climate Summit as a crucial milestone in realising this objective.

Among the honourable guests who joined us during the occasion were Her Excellency Elizabeth Mrema, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Deputy Director of UNEP, Hon. Khamis Hamza Khamis the Deputy Minister of Union and Environment, Mr Lamine Diallo the Head of Natural Resources, and EU Delegation Clara Makenya.

Our distinguished guests listened and talked to our students, acknowledging the importance of youth climate activism in today’s world, and encouraging them to keep speaking up about climate justice in Tanzania and beyond. 

The event was covered by several media outlets, among which was ITV, whose television report can be found here

At the summit, alongside engaging side events and informative booths, our Moshi Campus students took the initiative to organise student-led working groups. These groups actively sought proposals from their peers, focusing on crucial topics such as meaningful participation, transitioning to green economies, and addressing global needs.

Within the booth space, six NGOs dedicated to conservation and environmentalism in Tanzania participated, alongside five student-led groups from UWCEA, including our sustainability committee and the Coral Reefs project.

Highlighting the diversity of the summit, neurologist Dr. Dekker delivered a talk on solastalgia, followed by a bilateral meeting between dignitaries and UWC students. Additionally, a youth dialogue with dignitaries, skillfully moderated by our students, represented an opportunity for the youths present to directly engage with our guests, asking questions and learning from them.

In conclusion, the National Students Climate Summit hosted by UWC East Africa was an incredible success in the name of UWC Values, climate awareness, and youth engagement and action. We look forward to seeing the concerns raised by our community being addressed and tackled, while we proudly stand behind every single UWC East Africa student who spoke up about climate action during the summit, in the hope and determination for a better and more sustainable future.