University Preparation

We are committed to helping our diploma students secure places at excellent universities worldwide and to obtain scholarship funding whenever beneficial and possible.

To this end we offer all our diploma students the services of our highly experienced and successful University and Socio-Emotional Counsellors, who will meet with students on a regular basis, lead students and families through the various options available, guide all students on the forms and procedures necessary, and ensure an eventual place that will take the student on their next step to a successful career. Diploma students and their parents can contact the counsellor on their own campus:
Arusha Campus:
Moshi Campus:

Davis UWC Scholars Program

As a member of the UWC community, our students are eligible to receive funding to support their post-secondary goals. We encourage you to learn more about the UWC Davis Scholar Partner institutions and the success of this initiative celebrating its 20th year of funding UWC graduates from around the world.

Maia Learning

To assist upper secondary students with their career and college/university planning we are utilizing the platform Maia Learning. This platform allows students to take assessments, research careers, create a portfolio, develop a résumé, and explore colleges/universities from around the world. Parents can also request Parent Access to their child’s account so that you can follow along on their journey.

College/University Visits

We have been fortunate to welcome representatives from institutions throughout the world to our campus both in person and virtually. In the past year we have introduced students to institutions including: Columbia University in the City of New York; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; University of British Columbia; University of Toronto; and many others through on campus presentations where they were able to ask questions and engage with admissions specialists who provided them with answers to guide their post-secondary planning process. Students and parents are also encouraged to utilize the myriad of resources available on the Admissions websites, application platforms, and social media sites that provide a plethora of information to assist the post-secondary planning process for our future graduates.

Many students will need to take additional tests to support their university applications. Please see the page on University Tests for more information on these.

Preparing parents to support their D2 children

D2 Parent Presentation – September 2020

We invite you to view this recording from the presentation introducing parents to the college admission process. Some key aspects of the process in Canada, UK, US and others that follow a holistic admissions approach were highlighted. In addition, strategies for supporting your child during this time were shared, as well as an emphasis on the importance of better understanding what your child is expected to do so that you can assist them. We welcome parents to join the journey to life after UWCEA, and this video and the corresponding slideshow invite you to join the journey with the knowledge necessary to help launch your soon-to-be graduate.

The class of 2020

The students in the Class of 2020 were accepted into these universities and colleges and others:

Carleton University; Concordia College; Dordt University; Drexel University; George Mason University; HAN University of Applied Sciences; HZ University of Applied Sciences; King’s College; Northwestern University; Queens University of Charlotte; Sunway University; Symbiosis Institute of Technology; University of Alberta; University of Bath; University of British Columbia; University of California Los Angeles; University College London; University of Derby; University of Groningen; University of Maine; University of Manchester; University of Southern California; University of Toronto; University of Westminster; University of York; Wilfrid Laurier; Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Scholarships & SUCCESSEs

The total value of SCHOLARSHIPS offered to the class of 2020 in the USA only was over

US$ 2 million

including SIX full scholarships.


of our students go on to university courses in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe or elsewhere.