GoKili Visiting Schools Programme

Welcome to the GoKili Visiting Schools Progamme. We are part of UWC East Africa, the first IB school in Africa, and we’ve been hosting international students since 1969.

The GoKili VSP aims to provide students with an outstanding CAS experience that will enhance their personal development and give them a real taste of life in a developing country.

Added to this is our location. GoKili operates out of the Moshi Campus of UWC East Africa, based at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and the gateway to two of the world’s wonders: Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti.

Our programmes, therefore, also offer visiting students the opportunity to have an outstanding wildlife experience. From trekking up one of the most famous mountains in the world to viewing game on the plains, Tanzania offers the best safari experience on the planet.

Take a look through these pages and check out the sample programmes and quotes from teachers and students. Discover who we are and drop us a line any time if you have a query or would like a bespoke itinerary and costing.

You can also download the following PDF documents:
GoKili VSP Brochure
GoKili VSP Expectations
GoKili VSP Registration Form

Come and join us for the trip of a lifetime and give your students the chance to have memories which may influence them for the rest of their lives.


Enabling students to be active Global Citizens through a challenging CAS programme, that inspires the creation of sustainable futures for local Tanzanian children through contributing to Tanzanian state schools and the communities they operate in.

GoKili Mission

The GoKili mission is to provide a world-class CAS programme in a dynamic environment. We are committed to contributing towards developing balanced global citizens who are empowered to act responsibly in a complex world.

What we do

In a nutshell the CAS element of GoKili builds classrooms in state run schools in an effort to help reduce class sizes and increase the quality of local state education. This in turn helps improve the facilities for children in the state system and provides a valid learning experience for visiting students. Additionally we facilitate and organize visits to NGO organizations and other service elements for the visiting student, that include agriculture, health and hygiene, and ecology and environment. We are also able to organize and provide safari, trekking and wildlife experiences for your student group that can follow from the main CAS activity. These vary in price, length and complexity depending on individual group needs.

Participation Requirements

Each participant is expected to raise money to donate requiring them to plan and research how they will do this. The money is then sent to us, where it’s used to buy building materials that the participant then uses whilst they are participating in the CAS project on their visit with us. At the end of the CAS project students are able to see the fruit of their labour and we hope this process contributes towards a transformation in them as a person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us by email on vsp.gokili@uwcea.org