UWC East Africa Endowment Fund

Socioeconomic diversity lies at the heart of UWC East Africa, a principle made achievable through the provision of full or partial scholarships to over 60% of the student population each year. This commitment shows our dedication to creating an inclusive community, ensuring that a diverse group of students can access and benefit from a transformative education at UWC East Africa. However, sustaining this financial model poses a challenge that we need help addressing.

UWC East Africa has been given an exciting opportunity to have a US$ 3 million endowment which will be used to fund scholarships for ever more. 
At 4% growth, this fund will give interest of US$ 120,000 per annum.
However, the opportunity will pass us by if we haven’t raised a target of US$ 2,000,000 by 30 December 2025.
This will be matched by long-term UWC supporters and philanthropists through the UWC Endowment Fund to create a US$ 3 million endowment for UWC East Africa!

The US$ 3m fund will secure the school for generations to come as it will allow the school to fully fund 4 East African students a year, 2 in D1 and 2 in D2, in perpetuity. 

This is an opportunity we can’t let pass by!

To unlock the matched funding, the money raised has to come from the school community: alumni (student and staff), parents (current and former), and staff (current and former). Sometimes people are put off by the idea of raising millions, but, if we break it down, a million can be raised by:

  • 100 people giving $10,000, or $500 a month for 20 months
  • 1,000 people giving $1,000, or $50 a month for 20 months
  • 2,000 people giving $500, or $25 a month for 20 months

So, the School has embarked on a sustained fundraising drive – to raise US$ 2,000,000 by 31st December 2025. Already, some teachers and parents have asked that a proportion of their salary or school fee payments be diverted to the fund.
We think we can do this but we really need EVERYONE on board. Every contribution will get us closer to that target which will guarantee greater financial security for ever more!

If you ever thought of donating to UWC East Africa … the time is now.

Thank you for your support!

How do I donate?


International School Moshi Charitable Trust

Credit Card or Paypal


(Donate to UWC East Africa)

Credit Card, Google Pay, Paypal, Bank transfer


UWC International
(Donate to UWC East Africa)

Credit Card, Paypal, Bank transfer


UWC International
(Donate to UWC East Africa)

You may also donate

  • by cheque payable to UWC International with a note that says “Gift for UWC East Africa” and send it to UWC International, Third Floor, 55 New Oxford St., London, WC1A 1BS, UK
  • or by cheque to International School Moshi Charitable Trust, CAF Bank, West Malling, ME19 4JQ, UK
  • or by check payable to UWC-USA with a note that says “Gift for UWC East Africa” and send it to UWC-USA Advancement Office, Post Office Box 248, Montezuma, NM 87731-0218, USA
  • by bank transfer directly to one of our Tanzanian bank accounts. Details available from finance@uwcea.org.
  • by UK Bank Account International School Moshi Charitable Trust (Registered Charity 1115221) Sort Code: 40-52-40 Account: 00013980 IBAN: GB33CAFB40524000013980
  • by Vodacom Mpesa Lipa Number 5656408 International School Moshi

UK Tax-payers: Please note that you can “Gift Aid” your donation which means that the UK government will add about 25% to it. To so this, you are advised to use the International School Moshi Charitable Trust online payment and clearly indicate Gift Aid or do the same via UWC International. Alternatively you can request a PDF form for this from fundraising@uwcea.org

US Tax-payers are advised to donate through UWC-USA which is a 501(c)3 organization. You can then claim a deduction on US taxes for your donation.