With the magnificent backdrops of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, one cannot fail to be impressed by the superb outdoor environment on offer at both campuses. We offer a wide variety of sports including swimming, soccer, athletics, basketball, volleyball, rugby, netball, gymnastics, softball, horse-riding, cricket, cross-country running, and ultimate frisbee.

The school is equipped with:

  • a 25m swimming pool on each campus
  • tennis courts on both campuses (floodlit in Moshi)
  • football & rugby pitches
  • indoor hall for sports use (Moshi)
  • covered sports area (Arusha)
  • basketball and netball courts
  • volleyball courts
  • gym & weight-training facilities (Moshi)

To cater for all our students, the sporting programme is extensive and varied offering everything from softball to ultimate frisbee, from cricket to aquatic sports. With the involvement of numerous members of staff and specialists from the community, we are able to offer a wide-ranging and rewarding sporting experience.

All students are encouraged on a ‘Sports For All’ basis with emphasis on personal improvement and enjoyment. In recent years we have seen the emergence of inter-schools competitions, both locally and on an international level. Our teams have travelled to Nairobi or Dar es Salaam to compete in such diverse activities as rugby, swimming, basketball, soccer, netball and rounders. The school is a member of the Northern Tanzania Athletics Association (NTAA) and our teams regularly compete against other schools in Moshi and Arusha.

Many of our students have excelled in this environment and gone on to achieve national or even international status in Tanzania or in their home country. Successes have included many of our students representing Tanzania in the qualifying rounds of the Rugby World Cup and swimming for the national swim team. Other students have achieved great personal successes within our school sports programme.