Endowment Fund – FAQ & Donors

Frequently asked Questions

What is the UWC Endowment Fund?

An endowment is a permanently invested fund which provides a reliable source of income. The UWC Endowment is a fund to provide long-term financing for scholarships. The gifts of donors become the assets of the endowment and are invested in stock markets and other financial investments. The income and capital gains of the investments are used to cover the costs of students receiving a scholarship. The endowment aims to preserve the value of the assets over the long term. These gifts can serve as a permanent tribute to the donor and extend the value of their gift into the future. 

Where should funds be invested?

The funds need to be invested with the UWC Endowment Fund to qualify for the matching scheme. The participating School needs to invest the funds as instructed per the UWC Endowment Management, who is the administrator of the UWC Endowment Fund.

What happens if UWCEA is not able to raise all funds in time for the December 2025 deadline?

The match-donation funds will no longer be available beyond 31 December 2025, so it is important for UWCEA to put efforts in now to raise the $2 million required for the match.

MEET our Donors

The following individuals have generously donated to the UWC East Africa Endowment Fund, each contributing towards a full perpetual Endowed Scholarship to the school.
To date, the UWCEA Endowment donors are:

  • Laura Fitzharris
  • Heloise Jackson and Ben Morley