Although all students develop their creative skills in each subject area by developing novel and useful solutions to problems, the CAS programme and Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) encourage students to develop use their creativity in a wide variety of activities. These may be in the Arts but may just as likely be with developing yearbooks, coming up with ideas (and following through with them) to improve the look of the campus or developing a lesson to teach students from another school.

Some areas that students attend to are the following.

  • Explore new areas of creativity
  • Further an existing interest
  • Join projects that take them out of school into the community
  • Learn to recognise and respond to the needs of people they work with, both in and out of school
  • Evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses in different situations
  • Take the initiative in planning and performing the activities that they choose.

Most students find that their creative activities offer a welcome and refreshing change from the rest of their school programme; senior students often feel that they need to take initiatives and responsibilities which are both challenging and rewarding.

Primary students have the opportunity to explore creative activities through the Primary Clubs programme. Secondary students are expected to follow at least one creative activity per week on a regular basis in the CCA or CAS programmes.