Health Care

The school has a Health Centre on each of the campuses with a nurse in residence who is available at all times during term time.

The nurse can manage minor medical issues and the health centre has bedrooms for boys and girls who need to stay for closer observation and monitoring.

The school has a doctor on call who can be consulted by the nurse whenever needed and the doctor also holds a regular surgery in the school which any student may attend.

All routine medical services provided by the school nurse or school doctor are included in the fee and parents will not be charged for these.

In the event of a more serious illness or injury, the nurse or doctor may refer a student to a hospital or to a consultant. The nurse will normally escort the student to all such appointments. There is a large teaching hospital in Moshi (KCMC) and students can be admitted if necessary. Parents are advised to take out your own insurance for any hospital or specialist treatment, or for evacuation to a hospital in Nairobi in the event of a serious incident.

Before joining the school, we will ask each student to undergo a routine medical examination with their own doctor and parents will be asked to complete a brief online form describing any illness their child may have had, and any medical problems, allergies or potential difficulties that their child may experience. 


The school has a counsellor on each campus who can meet with any student needing advice or support in personal or social matters. All such counselling will normally be confidential. Our counsellors can be contacted at: or