Staff Health Insurance

Teachers’ Health Insurance

This page gives details of the health insurance scheme for expatriate UWCEA teachers. If you are not a UWCEA member of staff please click here to return to the main page of this site.

This page was last updated to show details of the health insurance scheme for the school year 2019/20. This scheme has continued into 2020/21, and the details below have not yet been updated, but are probably still accurate.

We are members of a health insurance scheme which is brokered by the Alexander Beard Group and offered by April International This scheme has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of UWCEA.

Emergency & Medical Assistance

Emergency Evacuation and assistance is provided under the terms of the cover. If you require emergency assistance, you must first contact:
+44 1243 621130, or
You will need to quote the policy number: 36609, and expiry date: 31st July 2021


Click here to download a claim form.

The procedure for making a claim is detailed in this document: . Please note that prior approval MUST be obtained before receiving in-patient treatment, or any treatment that might exceed $4250. Approval can be sought using the same contact details as above. There is a heavy financial penalty if prior approval is not sought.

Claims below $1700 can be made by email only with scanned copies of all receipts and documents and of the claim form submitted to Claims above $1700 must be submitted by post in hard copy with original documents – please keep copies for yourself. The address for claims is give on the claims procedures document.

Nationals of the USA are covered worldwide (Area 2). Others are covered for the rest of the world (excluding USA and the Caribbean) (Area 1).

There is normally a ten month waiting period for routine maternity care, but this waiting period has been waived for UWCEA employees and dependants.

Click here to see what is included within the scheme.

The full employee guide to the scheme is available here.

Teachers’ Questions

When we first set up the scheme, we received some answers in response to teachers’ questions:

Maternity CareCan a member travel to another country within their geographical area to deliver a baby?
“Indeed a member can travel to another country for the delivery providing that they are fit for travel. The member would need to ensure that they call our assistance company CEGA in advance to ensure that the treatment is case managed and guarantees of payment can be in place with the hospital. We would however not be able to meet the travel costs if treatment is available locally.”

Chronic ConditionsIs all treatment for these fully covered within the limits specified for general care?
“Yes, all treatment for Chronic conditions is fully covered within the terms and benefit limits of the policy.”

Treatment unavailable in Moshi/Arusha?We commonly have a situation where a doctor recommends that the treatment available in the Moshi/Arusha area is either unsuitable or non-existent. In these cases a member may elect to travel to Nairobi or elsewhere for treatment. Assuming this is NOT an emergency, but is nevertheless medically necessary, would any travel costs be covered?
“If a doctor recommends treatment that is not available locally, we will meet the travel costs. The insured will need to call our assistance company CEGA who will advise where the nearest centre of excellence is to receive the required treatment. Our assistance company will also take into consideration the insured’s preference as the which country they travel to providing that there is not a huge differential in the travel costs. In the event of a medical emergency our assistance company it is not always able to evacuate the insured to their preferred country as it may not be medically viable.”

Home Country TreatmentCan a member elect to receive treatment anywhere in their geographical area (including home country) provided that they pay travel costs?
“Yes, treatment is available at the same level of benefit within their territorial scope of cover. Although please note the Return to Home Country ruling which will be applicable to American and Canadian members of the scheme: Cover can remain in force when an Insured Person returns to his/her Home Country except for USA and Canadian nationals, whose cover will automatically be cancelled following three consecutive months in the Home Country. Cover in the Home Country is only available if the relevant premium has been paid to include that Geographical Area.”

School sports/Outdoor activitiesIs an accident arising from participation in normal school sports and outdoor activities covered?
“Yes, any accidents would be covered within the terms and benefit limits of the policy.”

Additional Family Members

f you would like to consider adding other family members (who are not covered by the school as your dependants) at your own expense, please contact Bob Cofer by email for details.

Please check this website from time to time for any changes as they may occur. Significant changes and requests to staff will be emailed to the addresses held for staff.