UWCEA Health Bulletin – 8 Feb 2021

Student, Staff and Community Member Movement and Access to Campus Bulletin

Monday 8th February

These measures have been revised today and will be reviewed again on a weekly basis. So, they remain in place and relevant until Monday 15th February. Reviews will take place every Monday thereafter and the community will receive communication about any changes to the guidelines.

Teachers, day students, host parents and day parent community to be reminded to minimise large group contact and to avoid busy places such as hotels and crowded restaurants.

Residential students will be allowed off campus in organised visits to supermarkets or set locations. Further to this, and at set times, Diploma students are permitted to have unsupervised visits to specific locations. These will be conducted in controlled numbers and students will be masked throughout the excursion.

Residential students may visit Host Families but cannot stay overnight and must return to Campus by 9.30pm.

Events on campus and visitor access will continue to be restricted. Each event will require approval by the Head of Campus and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Day students and former students may visit campus to engage in recreational activities at the weekend provided they have sought permission from the appropriate teacher.

The weekend of the 19th – 22nd February is mid-term break. Residential students should not plan to go away. Teachers, day students and their families are advised to plan trips carefully and avoid busy locations – especially Dar es Salaam.

Any travel which takes people outside the country means a statutory 4-day period of isolation, once back in Tanzania, before returning to School. All travellers outside the country must present a negative Covid test result upon their return. Teachers who require quarantine days during school time as a result of leaving the country will not be paid for these days.

Mask wearing continues to be optional for all except parents and visitors to campus.