Wellness Wednesday Weekly 16 September

Wellness Wednesday Weekly

Volume 2 Issue 6

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Self-Care Superhero

Link to learn more about this super self-care routine

Greetings UWCEA Community,

Our community is filled with superheroes of all types, and as we fly through another week let us all take a moment to remember that super heroes need to take time to care for themself along the journey through this thing called life.

Superman had his Fortress of Solitude and Batman had his Bat Cave. Where do you go when you need to recover from all the stressors that life brings your way?

Creating boundaries is a difficult concept for many to establish, especially for people who find caring for others or achieving at consistently high levels take priority over their self-care. We know that it is sometimes easier to get lost in someone else’s problems or a task, and lose time for yourself in the process. However, without proper boundaries in life, we find ourselves involved in situations that can completely drain our ability to function in a healthy way. In the article on this link, the author tells the story of how trying to do too much leads a person to burnout. After a long period of dormancy and limited activity due to the pandemic, we know that some people are trying to take on more than they can handle without a regimen in place to persevere. It is so essential to create boundaries on your time and in your day in order to pace yourself for what is still to come.

Take a break, take a breath, and take a moment to remember why you are doing all that is on your To Do list. Even Superheroes are not able to solve all of the world’s problems, and they have to take time to prioritize in order to properly respond to situations rather than reacting so that they can successfully manage the challenges they face. Recently, our UWC sister school in Thailand created an excellent resources guide filled with mindfulness activities that you can access via this link. We encourage you to explore these varied resources, and see if they help you find your inner place of solitude for self-care along your journey. In the end, we can not help others if we do not first take the time to help ourselves. So take off that cape, and take a moment to create the peace you need to keep flying through this school year.

Super Friday

This Friday we are inviting everyone to focus on super self-care with the Moshi Dress Like Your Hero Spirit Day, and the Farmer’s Market on campus. This is a great time to celebrate the super star inside of everyone, and to find some healthy foods to keep you performing at your superhero levels, when that is actually needed. Remember, that not all heroes wear a cape, and yet are still able to do super things in life when they take care of themselves before they try to take care of others! This weekend is also special across the greater UWC community as we celebrate UWC day. This annual event is an exciting time to celebrate the uniqueness of the UWC community. Please join us as we explore this year’s theme, United We Can, and also reinforce the the concept of (inner and out peace) as this event coincides with UN International Day of Peace

Wishing you many opportunities to relax and rejuvenate your super self over the course of this next week, and join Spiderman in finding time to recover each day. (link to blog) If you are stuck on ideas, be sure to explore the ideas on the Action for Happiness Self-Care September Calender to keep our heroes properly rested and ready to persevere.

Have a wonderful week and be well,

Your UWCEA Wellbeing Committee