Wellness Wednesday Weekly – Volume 8

Wellness Wednesday Weekly

Volume 1 Issue 8
Wednesday, 17 June 2020





It’s All About

the Little Things

Greetings UWCEA Community,

When was the last time you took a pause and thought about the little things that bring you joy in life? As we bring this school year to a close on Thursday, we do hope that you have had some time to think about the small things that added up to meaningful moments throughout this school year. It has been an unprecedented year, but hopefully one that will create fond memories when you think back on what has transpired years from now. We know that things were less than ideal, but in hindsight we sometimes see things in a much different light depending on what aspects of our past we choose to focus on.

If you have not started a gratitude practice yet in your daily routine, we strongly encourage you to do so. It really can make a difference to your mood and outlook on life. When you recognize that there are things that enhance and enrich your life each day, you start to approach your difficult moments and challenges in a new way. You realize that the moment of uncertainty or frustration was just that, a moment, but what else did you experience in that day that put a smile on your face or touched you in a special way.

Speaking of putting a smile on your face, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of laughter. Think back on something or someone that made you laugh recently, and feel that smile creep across your face. That moment can make a big difference during a tough time, and is so essential to creating a more positive outlook on life. Infuse your body with the healthy hormones that are released when you are experiencing joy, and you will find your day looks a lot better. If you need a little help, we invite you to try a laughter meditation like this one.

Please note, we continue to stress the fact that some people would benefit from professional mental health services and encourage you to seek support that is available in your local area. If none exists, or those services are overwhelmed right now, please see the online counseling resources available  COVID-19 Counselor Resources. We also encourage you to tap into the other resources available in this document if you find yourself needing help or ideas throughout the long break. This is an excellent time to begin to put some healthy practices into place that will serve you well when life gets back to a more ‘normal’ pace. This is the perfect opportunity to build those habits you always said you did not have time for before (ie. creating game nights with friends and family, cooking healthy meals, meditation, mindfulness, proper sleep, reading motivational materials, yoga, etc.). How many times have you said, “I’ll do it when I have time.” Well, what about now?

In addition, we are working on improving the services we provide our community to support mental health and well-being. We are grateful for the responses we have received thus far from both campuses but are still seeking more input as we prepare to plan over the long break. Please take a moment and complete the survey by Friday, 19 June at 3:00PM EAT. This survey is open to all members of the school community, students, staff, parents, and other vested stakeholders.

In closing, we hope that you are able to find time this break to learn something new or teach someone a talent or skill you have developed. We also hope that you find or create a song that helps to pick you up when you are not feeling your best. For one last time during African American Music Appreciation Music Month, we once again make a recommendation that we hope you will consider to help you Feel Good.

We wish you all the best during the break and hope you find lots of little joys throughout your days.

Stay well, stay positive, and stay full of hope,

Your UWCEA Wellbeing Committee