24-Hour Run Update

9 Sep 2022

24-Hour Run – Early School Release

Dear Parents,

The 24-Hour run time on Friday the 16th has changed slightly to accommodate those of us traveling from Moshi. So that we can have as many people as possible there at the start the run will begin at 3pm that Friday and finish at 3pm on Saturday.

Even with the shifted time we will end school early on Friday the 16th so students have time to eat and load the buses. Classes for all students will end at 11:30am on that day.

To help with the transport of non-residential students we will have a bus for day students and parents to travel together leaving at 12:15pm on Friday. Parents are welcome to send their kids with other parents, but we do need one adult for every 5 students. Please email Grace to reserve a place on the bus by Wednesday at 3pm so we have time to make final arrangements.

There will be a place to pitch a tent for a few minutes rest. As well, I understand that there will be a few vendors selling food through the event. We should have room to help you transport all your needed items on that day. More information about any special laps will be coming soon.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Bob Cofer