Academic Year 2021/22

6 Jul 2021

Academic Year 2021/22  

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians, 

We hope you are all having a good break. We are writing to you about the preparations for the beginning of next year.

As we are all aware, coronavirus infections are increasing globally. Whilst we are hearing from our community that a good number of students, staff and their families are being vaccinated as a protection against contracting the virus, we are conscious that we need to remain vigilant. To this end, students returning from outside the country will be required to show a negative Covid test and will be confined to campus for a minimum of four days upon arrival. Furthermore, we ask that students resident in Tanzania (day or residential) take measures to prevent infection including limiting contact and social distancing for at least four days before school starts. The relevant dates for school opening are given below:

Tuesday 3rd August
D1 Residential students arrive
Wednesday 4th August
D1 Orientation starts
Monday 9th August
All other residential students return
Tuesday 10th August
Classes start for all students

Thank you for your cooperation. We believe that by working together to protect our entire community we stand the best chance of opening and remaining open for the entire school year.

Kind regards,

Phil Bowen
Bob Cofer
Anna Marsden