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Tanzanian authorities do not publish details of coronavirus cases in the country and there is no information about any tracking of the epidemic. Official figures have not been released since April 2020 (and the figures given on most data collection sites are those from that date).

There are no mandated rules for slowing the spread of the virus although frequent hand washing and/or use of sanitiser are advised. There has been no lockdown in Tanzania. At present many people do not wear masks.

Visitors to Tanzania

Travellers to Tanzania are asked to complete a health questionnaire online before arrival. This questionnaire can only be completed within 24 hours of intended arrival in the country. Questions include details of your travel to Tanzania (eg flight, seat number), details of other countries you have recently transited, and questions about your health and whether you have been in contact with a sick person. The questionnaire is available at:

Travellers aged 6 years or over arriving in Tanzania will be asked for a negative RT-PCR Covid test taken within 96 hours of departure for Tanzania. Passengers will also be asked to take a Rapid Antigen test on arrival at a cost of $10 (mainland) or $25 (Zanzibar). Further details on these requirements were published on 4th May 2021 in the Travel Advisory No 7, available from the Government Documents link below. The Civil Aviation Circular published on 7th May clarifies further.

If you test positive on arrival, Tanzanian residents will be told to self-isolate for 14 days. Visitors will be required to quarantine in a government approved hotel at your own expense. Government approved hotels are listed here.

Travelling Outside Tanzania

Rules for travelling to different countries from Tanzania are changing frequently and travellers are strongly advised to check the websites of the countries concerned. Regulations may even change on the day before your travel! Some countries require travellers coming from Tanzania to have received a valid negative Covid-19 test issued not more than 72 (or 48 or 24) hours before departure from Tanzania. The Tanzania Ministry of Health offers a service to obtain this Covid-19 test certificate. Register at:

Further details on this service can be viewed on the MoH video below (in English) or in the Ministry of Health Testing Guide for Travellers issued on 4th January 2021. A supplementary notice was issued on 27th February 2021.

Local Testing Centres are listed as KCMC, Mawenzi Hospital, Hai District Hospital and Mount Meru Hospital. The test costs US$100 and the Ministry statement says that results will be available within 48 hours.

Both PCR and Rapid tests may be available. In some countries, a negative PCR or Rapid test may exempt you from quarantine/self-isolation requirements – regulations vary widely between countries.

The UK recognises Tanzanian government-issued vaccination certificates. Fully vaccinated travellers (this means two doses of an approved vaccination or one dose of a Janssen vaccine) and children under 18 do not require a pre-travel test to enter the UK, although will be asked to take a test on arrival (but only if arriving before 11 February). Unvaccinated adult travellers will still require pre-travel tests and further testing in the UK. The UK no longer automatically quarantines travellers from Tanzania.

The USA still requires a negative test result taken at most 1 day before departure, for all air travellers aged two or above, irrespective of vaccination status.

Germany requires unvaccinated travellers from Tanzania aged 6 or over to provide a negative test and quarantine at home for between 5 and 10 days. No quarantine is required for vaccinated travellers.


The school has developed its own guidelines and practices to safeguard students, teachers and employees. UWC East Africa Covid 19 guidelines are based on research and school best practice including input from UWC International meetings and expert personnel and have been adapted to best fit our climate and campuses here in Tanzania. The school has also published a daily Screening Procedure for all students and employees, as well as procedures to follow in the case of a suspected Covid-19 patient in the school.

School has been open and classes progressing normally throughout 2020/21 and 2021/22. The School is working with medical professionals and the wider UWC movement to continuously evaluate the situation.

Document Archive

Please find below a number of documents issued during 2020 and 2021 by authorities in Tanzania or by UWCEA relating to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The information on this page is provided without any guarantee of accuracy and is intended to inform our community. If you have any additional information specific to the management of Covid-19 in Tanzania that would help our community, please send it to for possible publication on this page.