Update from UWCEA

3 Aug 2021

Update from UWCEA

3rd August 2021

Dear Students and Parents,
cc National Committees

We are excited to be welcoming students and staff back on to the campuses and are looking forward to the year ahead.

We fully understand that some of you are worried about coming to school and keen to know what the school and northern Tanzania will look like when you get here. Every country is responding to the coronaviruses pandemic differently and this in itself can cause anxiety. Staff have worked hard over the vacation planning and getting ready for the new year. We are pleased to report that Tanzania has just started a vaccine rollout and we are hearing of more and more members of our community who have been able to access vaccines.

All students returning from outside Tanzania will need to provide a Covid-negative PCR test in order to enter the country and will have to undergo a rapid antigen test upon entering the country. All students moving into the residences will then be confined to campus for at least four days. As we are a school for both residential and day students, we also ask that all students resident in Tanzania take measures to prevent infection including limiting contact and social distancing for at least four days before school starts and to continue to behave in an appropriate Covid-safe manner after school resumes. Moving online due to there being a number of suspected infections is not what any of us want, and therefore we all have to play our part to look after ourselves and others now and when school begins.

Measures introduced last year such as symptom monitoring, handwashing, teaching outside or with windows and doors open and the regular use of sanitizer remain and more details can be found in our health bulletins on the school website.

Thank you for your cooperation. We believe that by working together to protect our entire community we stand the best chance of opening and remaining open for the entire school year.

Kind regards,

Phil Bowen
Bob Cofer
Anna Marsden