Design a logo for our Outdoor Pursuits programme!

18 May 2021

UWC East Africa is synonymous with Outdoor Pursuits.

Over the past year, in spite of the pandemic, we have actually seen our programme expand. We now offer four different OP Programmes – Flatland hiking, Mountain climbing, Marine exploration and Mountain Biking. These disciplines will be labelled Plains, Peaks, Reefs and Rides. The number of trips being offered has increased from 8 to 30!

To that end we would like to invite our stakeholder community to design a logo that will represent our Outdoor Pursuits Programme. This logo wil be used on our marketing material as well as stamped on our OP equipment, merchandise and social media.

Remember that the logo should be relatively simple, easy to replicate but eyecatching. There are no specific conditions to adhere to and we welcome your freedom of expression. Submissions may be digital or hand drawn.

Submissions should be made by email to no later than Monday 31st May 2021.

Your Outdoor Pursuit Team