From the Governing Board

7 Feb 2023

From the Governing Board

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are now a month into the new semester and so much has already happened.

The Arusha campus hosted a very successful AISA-GISS where we welcomed over 150 middle and high school students for a long weekend of action and debate. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive and it was well worth all the hard work. Thank you to Phil, Christy and the Arusha team for making this such a successful event.

Both campuses then hosted Gale and Shelby Davis. The patronage the Davises give to the UWC movement is remarkable and we were delighted to be able to say thank you to them in person. We enjoyed their visit, and they enjoyed meeting the UWCEA community. The Davises support the UWC schools and colleges and many of our students with their tertiary education. If you like to know more about their involvement in the UWC movement, please visit the UWC Dare to Dream page: and the Davis UWC Scholars website:

The following weekend, students on Moshi campus then put on two great performances of the musical Beauty and the Beast. Reviews of the show have been outstanding and only rivalled by the reviews Arusha’s Mamma Mia! received last quarter. I was lucky enough to see both and they were wonderful. Thank you to everyone who made these shows such a success.

Thank you to all parents who have shared copies of their children’s passports and study permits with the school. If you have yet to do this, please upload these directly to the UWCEA Life system. Is it important we have these on hand as we need them for OP trips and in case we are asked to produce them by the Regional Immigration Offices. Please keep a note of the when your children’s passports and permits expire. It can be very difficult (and costly) to renew permits after expiry.

Looking forward to the new school year, please be informed that the school fees for 2023/24 have been published on our website: Fees have been increased by an average of 6% in line with inflation and rising costs.

Kind regards,

Anna Marsden