From the Governing Board

28 Sep 2021

From the Governing Board


Dear members of the school community,

On behalf of the Governing Board, we hope you have had a good start to the school year. As we look forward we are hoping for a calmer year and one where the world moves on from the uncertainty brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. Before going any further, we would like to thank all the staff of our school for taking us through the last eighteen months relatively unscathed. Many of these staff members have remained at school since March 2020 working with our children both during term and in the vacations.

At our recent Governing Board meeting we reflected on the last year, along with looking forward to the next year. We take great pleasure in sharing a few highlights with you.

Graduating DP class of 2021
It is with great pride and pleasure we congratulate our diploma graduates and their teachers. For the first time in the history of the school, one of our students, Johanna Jung, received the maximum 45 points in her IB Diploma; an outstanding achievement. Overall 107 D2 obtained their diploma with an average points score of 34. A further eight students received courses.

Despite a difficult start with visas and closed borders, most of those who wanted to start university this year have now arrived at their destination. Students in this graduating class have to date received well over $17 million in scholarships for tertiary education.

Graduating MYP class of 2021
Congratulations also go to our MYP graduating class of 2021, who through a mixture of e-assessments and personal projects all successfully completed their MYP journey. Many of our students continued with us and are now in D1. It is our pleasure to continue to work with them until the end of their high school.

Building projects
The major capital projects on both campuses have now been completed. Special thanks must go to Phil Bowen and Bob Cofer who, in addition to leading their respective campuses, have been overseeing these works. This will not be the end however, as there are a number of smaller jobs that are planned in both Moshi and Arusha.

Strategic planning
As the holders of the school’s strategic plan, the Governing Board is delighted to inform you that we have just started work on our new plan. We will be looking for the input from all stakeholders and more information will be forthcoming.

UWC news
The strategic vision outlined by the Governing Board in 2014 was driven by the desire for the school to become part of something larger, and now we derive great support from our membership of UWC movement. Students and staff have access to a variety of collaborative groups throughout the movement and with schools throughout the continent due to our membership of ASIA, the Association of International Schools in Africa. Both the Board Chair and Director are members of the UWC Council and through these groups, and through the Director’s role as Vice-Chair of the UWC Heads’ Committee, Heads’ Representative on the UWC Selection and Admissions Task Force and as Secretary to the AISA Board, the voice of UWCEA can be heard within the movement and across the region.

UWC International has just completed their search for a new Executive Director, with Mr Faith Abiodun being appointed to start in December. To know more about what is happening within the UWC movement, please sign up for their newsletter here.

Tine Hemelings and Anna Marsden