In Memory of Faith Yona

15 Nov 2019

In Memory of Faith Yona

This is the most difficult message I have ever had to write to the community.

Last evening (14th November) a student at our school, Faith Yona, died in a car accident.  Her family driver had collected her from our Moshi campus to take her to the family house in Arusha so that she could go to process her passport to attend university next year.

Faith has been a member of the community here for over 15 years and her father, Mr Lucky Yona, used to work at the school.  Faith was an exceptional student who contributed to our school in so many ways. She was a great performer, showcasing her musical and spoken word talents at school and at local Art Festivals, and was a multisport athlete. She actually had the distinction of performing at both the Arusha and Moshi opening ceremonies recently.

Our condolences and wishes go out to the family at this time.

We will be having a memorial for her at school, with more details to follow shortly.