Latest from Arusha Campus Thursday 22nd October

22 Oct 2020

Important Date Announcements

On Wednesday October 28th there will be no classes due to the Tanzanian Election.  The School will be closed.

On Thursday October 29th there is a public holiday for Maulid which means we will not have classes on this day either.

We will have classes as normal on Friday October 30th and in the afternoon and evening we have the optional Halloween celebrations for Primary and Secondary as will be explained in this week’s forthcoming newsletter.

Arusha Campus COVID-19 Update

Last weekend the PTA did a fabulous job in organising a superb car boot sale. In a few weeks the campus will be throbbing with fitnes fanatics competing in the Rotary UWCEA Triathlon. And then toward the end of the term we will be hosting the Arusha Christmas Fair.

In the light of these events, the Parent Covid Committee have been reflecting with me on the work that the School has done in protecting the school from the virus.

We would like to recognise all those parents who have religiously donned their masks at drop off and pick up time. We all recognise and respect the fact that we are living in a country that is relatively relaxed about the contagion. In the light of that I wish to record my admiration for the commitment that most of our parents have shown. What a statement to those around them, such as me and you. What those mask-wearing mums and dads are saying is ‘We care about YOUR children too and are wearing protective gear to ensure YOUR chuldren stay as safe as possible.’ Thank you. 

I also want to recognise the commitment of parents, students and staff to stay away from school on days when they have a runny cold or fever. Again, thank you that so many of you have taken this request so seriously.

Our message to everyone is that we believe mask wearing should no longer be mandatory for parents. However, we believe the prority is to maintain sensible actions such as mask wearing when you feel it is appropriate, regular and fastidious hand washing and sensible social distancing. The whole Arusha Campus community has demonstrated this responsibility in bucket loads so far and so we appeal to everyone to keep making those sensible decisions for all of our children’s sake. The biggest disaster would be to court an outbreak and retreat into lockdown and on-line learning.

Further requests:

If you are travelling away from Arusha, please stay at home when you return to isolate and ensure you are symptom free before mixing back in the school community. Of course this depends on where you have been – a camping trip to the bush is not the same as a business conference in Johannesburg!

If you have friends and relatives fly out to meet you, please ask them to stay at home too until they are sure they are symptom free for four or five days minimum.