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Young Aurora Finalists
Moshi Campus 6 days ago

Congratulations to the UWCEA students selected as Young Aurora finalists. Young Aurora encourages, showcases and supports student-driven projects addressing concrete humanitarian issues and offering solutions through innovative and sustainable approaches.
This year, fourteen projects were submitted for the Young Aurora prize by student teams from across twelve UWC schools and colleges and the African Leadership Academy. They address a wide range of issues, from migration to menstrual health and from civic engagement among the young to community support for the elderly.
Propelled forward by the aim of reducing and eliminating the damaging effects of smoke experienced in the kitchens of indigenous communities of the Chagga and Maasai tribes in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, the Smokeless Kitchens team from UWCEA have set out a plan to sustainably source low cost, high quality smokeless stoves that are operated using environmentally friendly fuel.The impact potential of this project has been greatly praised by the panel for addressing the root causes of a critical humanitarian issue.
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UWC Day Celebrations
Arusha Campus 6 days ago

EVERYBODY in the UWC East Africa Arusha community is invited to join us in our UWC Community walk from Shoppers (TFA Complex) to the Clock Tower. This will take place at 9am on Saturday 21st September. The purpose of our walk is to pick up litter but also to engage with the community on the way, in our UWC T-shirts. We would like as many families engaged as possible and we will end up at the Clock Tower for a cup of coffee round about 11am!

Vegetarian BBQ
Arusha Campus 6 days ago

On the 20th of September, the UWCEA and Arusha community are invited to come enjoy a delicious vegetarian BBQ prepared by Mezabine and co at the outdoor lunch area – Please bring 6000 shillings on the day to pay for your food, and reserve your place in the table below. The deadline for signing up is Wednesday 4:30pm. Kindly use the link provided in your email to rsvp.

Plastic Recycling at Arusha Campus
Arusha Campus 1 week ago


Find out how to be a Link Parent
Arusha Campus 2 weeks ago

Being a Link Parent is probably less onerous and easier than you think.
Come along to our information session on Wednesday 4th September at 8am in the Drama Room.
Absolutely no obligation to subscribe to any long term commitment, but please come along to find out more!

Triathlon time of year!
Arusha Campus 3 weeks ago


Friday, 30 August
Arusha Campus 3 weeks ago