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International School Moshi becomes UWC East Africa today!
2 weeks ago


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Juma the Giraffe – an Epic Performance
Tuesday, 11th June
Arusha Campus: 2 months ago

TEN Reasons why you cannot miss Juma The Giraffe:
1. The performances of the students are amazing!
2. The costumes are out of this world!
3. The story is inspired by the plight of the giraffe – there are fewer than 60% as many giraffes in Africa than there were 30 years ago!
4. The giraffe is Tanzania’s national animal.
5. Mr Tyler’s band play the most catchy sing-a-long tunes throughout
6. There will be ISM coffee available (?!)
7. Homemade cookies on sale – proceeds will go to the Wildlife Research Institute
8. EVERY child in the Primary School is involved
9. It starts at 1.30 and will be over by hometime 2.30
10…….and finally its BRILLIANT!


Car Boot Sale
Arusha Campus: 2 months ago

Eid Holiday
2 months ago

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,
In anticipation of Eid being announced this evening in Tanzania we are planning not to have classes on Wednesday or Thursday with classes resuming on Friday. Should the holiday end up being on Thursday and Friday, we will still have classes on Friday.
Happy Holiday to everyone,

International Festival
Arusha Campus 2 months ago

The 9th edition of ISMAC’s International Festival is just a week away! We look forward celebrating all the countries and cultures represented at ISM. To give you some more information, we will kick off with the Parade of Nations where students proudly present themselves to the school community in their country colours or national dress. Students are expected to bring their clothes for the Parade on Friday and will have some time to change under supervision of teachers from 2pm. We welcome all parents and friends to come and watch the Parade of Nations from 2.30pm!

Between 3-6pm, everyone is welcome to visit the different country tents. Students will be able to travel the world with their Festival passport and enjoy the games, cultural activities, food and showcases of innovative ideas at each of the tents. We will work with coupons this year and these will be for sale at the entrance.

Secondary students will run a jungle-themed soda and juice bar which will be open from 3pm. Outside caterers will have food available from 6pm.
‘The Arusha Factor’ Talent Show will kick off at 7pm and we expect a great show by the best that the different schools of Arusha have to offer. Everybody welcome!

During the Festival, ISMAC PTA will have a silent auction with some amazing prizes. Make sure you come and check out the artwork made by some of the primary classes, place a bid on a camping safari in Tarangire with Mr Phil, a photography workshop by Mr Darren, your monthly litre of Nat’s Dairy ice cream for a 6 month period or a bird, ecology and conservation walk by ISMAC parent Pete Davidson! All proceeds will go towards ISMAC’s efforts to become a plastic free school!

Karibu, Karibu!

Where? to the Tanzanian tent and win yourself a beautiful kanga. What you need to do is to play Rede. Rede? Rede is a very popular game with children but even adults can play. It’s a game similar to dodge ball. Once you are there you can learn the rules and play

What IS this man doing?
This handsome gentleman is partaking in an extraordinary traditional South African actvity called ‘bokdrol spoeg’. This involves projecting small pellets using your mouth as the only form of propulsive force. The person who projects their pellets the farthest will win a luxury stay at Legendary Lodge. Sound EASY? Well come along and try your luck at the South African tent on Friday from 3pm!

British Business Group Trade Fair
Arusha Campus 3 months ago

We extend a warm welcome to the ISM Community to the BBG Trade Fair which will be hosted this year at ISM Arusha Campus (this event is really only of interest to adults).

This event will be of no interest to students below the Diploma age and so I would respectfully ask that you do not bring your children along with you to this event. Thank you.

May I take this opportunity to thank the whole community for their understanding as we allow our local business partners to use our campus as a venue for this event. Your understanding is much appreciated and we hope that the event causes minimal disruption to the regular goings-on of the school day.

Umoja Music School
Arusha Campus 3 months ago

Come along to find out more about the wonderful work of David and his UMOJA Music Programme.
Please come along to this meeting if you have any interest in developing the music arts, either in your own family and group of friends, or for the wider Tanzanian community. UMOJA do SO much more than simply offer high quality lessons to students at our school. They take on huge responsibilities to promote music learning in the under-privileged sectors of our community. Come and find out more at this special meeting.

Friday Market
Arusha Campus 3 months ago