Party With A Purpose – tickets running out!

29 Jan 2020

Gala Dinner in aid of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at ALMC in Arusha

Dear Community,

Every now and then an event is staged which makes an amazing difference. I had the privilege of walking around the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with Dr Swanson earlier this week and met a host of grateful and happy mothers with their beautiful but tiny babies. I was also able to see first hand the massive difference that the fundraising effort of last year had made upon the Unit since my previous visit the year before. The environment in which these babies lives are saved is not only supremely functional but its also a fantastically lovely place to be. I didn’t want to leave. 

Please consider making next Saturday a special night out for you (and possibly your loved one!) in the knowledge that your indulgence is all going to support the most fantastic of causes.

Scroll down and see the array of raffle prizes that have been donated for this event! This tells you everything about what the local  safari and tourist industry think of this event – they have weighed in with terrific support.

And you have a chance of winning some super prizes! So please come along, get your tickets TOMORROW so that we sell out in good time and so that the organisers can be sure of their final numbers for catering.

All of us have relied on Dr Steve to sort us out for a medical issue or to see to our poorly children. He has never let us down so please everybody, let us not let him down and pay hm back in the way that he would most like – COME TO THE BALL!


Tickets are available from:

UWC East Africa Arusha

Cultural Heritage

Kennedy House

Braeburn School

Ally’s Barber Shop at Sable

Kitamu Cafe

Mary Kourkoumeli +255756565796