Please update information

19 Jul 2023

Please Check and Update

Dear parents of new and returning students,

In the next month we will be starting classes for the 2023 school year. While I hope you are still in the holiday mood, I do need to ask you to do a school-related task. We are required to have the correct passport and student pass information on file for the government and as a school we need to have the correct medical information. So, as we do each year, we ask that you log into the system ( and check the following:

  1. Any passport and pass information is correct.
  2. If the medical information is up to date, add any vaccinations or changes in medication or any other medical updates so our medical staff have the correct details.
  3. Your contact information is correct as this is our main list to reach you as needed for school activities.
  4. For residential students, update the parental consent forms for this year.

If you are a new parent, you may need to set the password, please make sure that you have all the correct aspects of the password so it is accepted.

We look forward to a good start to the school year with classes starting for everyone on August 14th.


Bob Cofer