Students travelling over December

27 Nov 2021

Travelling in December

27 November 2021

Dear Parents,
dear National Committees,

You will have all seen the recent travel ban imposed on travellers from some southern African countries. Whilst Tanzania has yet to be affected, we are aware that this is causing anxiety for those students and families who are planning to travel outside the country for the December break.

Some students and families have already informed us that they have rearranged their flights to enable them to leave Tanzania earlier than planned and before the end of the semester. We are anticipating that this number will grow. As of today there are eight teaching days remaining. Whilst supporting any student who needs to leave early, we have also informed them that it is their responsibility to find out from their teachers what work they will be missing. Teachers are also mindful that they will have reduced numbers in their classes and will plan accordingly.

For day students leaving early
Please inform your curriculum coordinator or class mentor.

For residential students leaving early
Please be informed that should your student need a Covid test to travel, they should not be looking at flights before Tuesday evening or Wednesday. Please keep the Heads of Residence informed regarding any flight change. This is Chris Green in Arusha ( and Simon Johnston in Moshi (

Kind regards,

Anna Marsden