Update from Moshi Campus

16 Mar 2020
Moshi Campus News – 16 March 2020

Update from Moshi Campus

Dear Parents,

As things are changing here on campus and in Tanzania, we are having to make adjustments to our schedule of events on campus.  Right now, we are planning to continue our primary afterschool activities through their scheduled last day on Thursday.  However, we will be postponing the primary swim gala due to the nature of the event.

The PTA has done a lot of planning this year for the International Day Fair, and we thank them for this.  They have done a great job of bringing so many of our new students from all over the globe into the planning and organizing of the event.  Some of the students involved are leaving campus this week so that they are able to get back to their home countries.  Due to this we are postponing the event. We hope to hold it at a later date so that we can enjoy it the way it has been envisaged and with full participation.

We will also be postponing the PYP student-led conferences next Wednesday.  We are looking at another way to share the primary work with you.  The same applies to the secondary conferences next Friday.  For these we ask you email any teachers you would like to talk to and arrange a phone or Skype call.

Should you have any questions please contact me and I will do my best to help.

Bob Cofer