Use of school email groups and social media

16 May 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Following a recent spate of vicious and hateful, anti-Israeli social media postings we have now suspended group emailing from outside the school. Whilst we do not know if these messages are coming from within our community or from outside, we are clear that there is no place for hate speech at our school. Last week we spoke with all D1 students informing them that anyone creating, posting and sharing this type of content will receive the harshest of sanctions which will include removing them from school. The most recent postings have been generated from a disposable gmail address and sent to all D2 students and to the group which was associated with last year’s graduates.

Social media is not the forum to engage in constructive and meaningful debate and we will continue to work with our students to give them voice to ask questions and engage with each other in a positive and open-minded fashion. We ask that you also take this message to your children.

Kind regards,

Bob Cofer and Anna Marsden