UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) Monday 20th September 2022

3 Sep 2022

Tuesday 23rd August 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to all new and returning parents and guardians from us here at UWCEA Arusha Campus PTA! Now that school has reopened, PTA is back and refreshed, ready to hear your ideas, comments and concerns.

We would like to inform you of the upcoming PTA AGM

Date: September 20th  2022
Time: 8am
Venue: UWCEA Arusha Campus – Canteen
Agenda:  Reports / Accounts / Election of Executive Members – Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Board Representative.

As all parents and guardians are members of the school PTA, you are encouraged to attend and participate in the meeting, it is a perfect way of finding out what the executive team have been up to and also what plans have been suggested for the coming year.
All executive positions are open to election for the coming year. Anyone interested in becoming a member, or if you wish to nominate a person, are advised to submit a nomination before 15th September, 2022 by email to arushapta@uwcea.org / philbowen@uwcea.org

Look forward to meeting you all soon.

The PTA supports the parents and school community by raising funds and providing relevant social support. This year has been different again for us all due to restrictions, but we still want to do the best we can to support our school Community. We had hosted events such as the Car Boot Sale, Sports Duka and supported the Freaky Friday production all to raise money. The last year we also received wonderful support from the Karibu Trade Fair the Arusha Christmas Fair.

Funds have been used for classroom upgrades, supporting our Recycling and Student Initiatives, new seating, staff lounge upgrade and the Primary Swahili kitchen.

At our Annual AGM meeting each year we introduced the election process and constitution relevances for the Arusha Campus PTA. This year, due to the departure of several members we are asking you early to consider joining the team, or keep it in your mind for the new school year.

Thank you for your consideration.

PTA Arusha Campus