UWC East Africa Arusha Inter House Instagram Challenge

19 Apr 2020

#UWCEAStayUnited Challenge – First Challenge edits and extension!

#UWCEAStayCreative – Share a picture of art you made using natural items found in your yard. Here is Miss Christy’s backyard reindeer (or caribou!)

To help our community stay united, the House Council challenges UWCEA students, staff, and parents to share their spirit!

To participate in the #UWCEAStayUnited Challenge simply follow our House Council Instagram page @uwcea_ahousecouncil and tag our account when you post your challenge pictures/videos. Make sure to identify which House you belong to!

If you or your parents don’t use Instagram but want to participate, you can send your entry photos to Ms. Christy christywillett@uwcea.organd she will post them on the House Council account.

New challenges will be announced on our Instagram account every week!

Use and follow our unique hashtags on your post so others can view all entries.

Suggested hashtags include:

Arusha House Council account @uwcea_ahousecouncil
Official school account @uwc_ea

The first challenge has been extended since participation has been very low. You now have an extra week to get started and show your school spirit.
Post your photos/videos by next Friday (April 24th) to qualify for house points.

Week 1 Challenges – Post by Friday, April 24th
#UWCEAStayUnited – Take a photo wearing your House color and containing as many examples (random items) of your House colour as possible
#UWCEAStayHealthy – Make a homemade face mask in your House colors and post a photo of you wearing it
#UWCEAStayFocusedonLearning – Share a photo or video of you practicing a new skill you are learning
#UWCEAStayFocusedonService – Share a photo or video of what you’re doing to help others
#UWCEAStayPlayful – Share a short video of you having a dance party (alone or with family)
#UWCEAStayCreative – Share a picture of art you made using natural items found in your yard