Arusha Campus News – 22 Sep 17

23 Sep 2017

Arusha Campus Newsletter 22nd September 2017

‘Diversity’ has been discussed in every corner of the school this week and is a huge international topic. Should we celebrate diversity or instead try to iron out differences between people so that we all get along in harmony. I think Elaete in P4/5 summed it up best when she wrote “We all have the right to be ourselves, but we also have the responsibility to understand and respect other people’s differences”

Dear Parents

Another week of ISMAC colour draws to an end. We have welcomed back an old friend in Mr Henry Shihemi from Kenya who has arrived to help with our teaching of Mathematics whilst we have said goodbye to Mrs Mehtab Walji who embarks on a new life with Saara and Aasiya in the United States. A microcosmic example of the diverse nature of our school. Long may it continue.

Thius afternoon we received Robin and Mora from Harvard and MIT Universities respectively. Here they are (pictured left).

Please come along to celebrate our diversity at the end of next week when we host our Welcome Braai. This will be an event at which we recognise the grand opening of the new changing rooms at ISMAC. Barbecues will be lit, cash bar available and braai packs on sale so that you can come along and meet friends old and new. Everyone is welcome and do please bring your friends from the community. The weekly touch rugby game, that is usually played at TGT, will be played on our fields here at ISMAC and the evening entertainment will be complete watching stars through the telescope and listening to the live music of ‘Ndoto Tunes’.

Don’t miss it!



From the Primary & Secondary Schools

Productivity has been the word of the week this week. As we approach the end of the quarter the students reach the end of thier units and draw together their learning.

I would like to thank everyone who helped with the ‘Diversity’ hand painting on Monday, which kicked on our Peace Day theme.

M5 have been putting leadership into action on their grade-level trip this week, linking together elements of Language A and I&S. They braved the rain and survived the many challenges thrown at them.

P4-5 led our share-time on Friday and shared their learning on ‘Rights & Responsibilities”, linking in with our Peace Day theme this week (see photo).

P2 have been sharing their learning about being healthy with not only each other, but those in need in our community: Mr Phil was rehabilitated and brought back to normal with an interactive lesson led by P2 (see photo).

We have also been looking to the future with a visit from Harvard and MIT, focusing on application to US universities. This is an example of the excellent opportunities available to our students to connect with top universities: 15 from the UK last week and the Ivy League this week. Look out for the University of British Columbia, Canada, next Wednesday. 

In the Primary school we are also looking forward to welcoming back Ms Diana into P1, after the October break. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Ann-Joyce for the excellent work she has done with P1 since August: Diana adopts a class which has been in very safe hands. 

Have a great weekend,


Harvard & MIT visit

P4-5 Share Time

Mr Phil being educated by P2

EC Brave the Pool!

This week EC were the first PYP class to go in the swimming pool as part of their PE lessons. We had a fantastic time; no tears, lots of smiling faces, confidence and enthusiasm!

P4/5 Trip to the Maasai Bona

The P4/5 students had an amazing time exploring the rights, rules, and responsibilities of the Maasai on their trip to a Maasai Boma in Ilboru. “This field trip is blowing my mind!” Sally shouted as we hiked to the river to experience the responsibility they have to get clean water. This comment sums up our time on this trip. We confirmed some of the ideas we had about the Maasai, but our thinking also grew as we discovered new understandings and uncovered some misconceptions. We had an opportunity to tour their Boma, meet their cows and goats, and take a beautiful hike to the river. In addition, we watched one of the Maasai sing and dance and had a chance to ask lots of questions. We learned that the most important rule for the Maasai is discipline. Your elders are always right and they are not to be questioned!

AMIS Middle School Mixed Honor Choir Festival

We are glad to announce that students from Arusha Campus have been invited to attend the Association of Music in International Schools’ (AMIS) Middle School Mixed Honor Choir Festival to be hosted in Lusaka, Zambia from May 2-6, 2018. Specifics will not need to be submitted to AMIS until later this year, but they do need an estimated number of student attendees. Below is important information to consider:

-This event is only open to students M1-3
-There will be a maximum of 9 students accepted to the festival (3 boys/6 girls)
-There is a minimum of 6 students in order to attend (2 boys/4 girls)
-Students will need to pass a short, vocal audition (materials to be released later) and will be chosen based on these auditions. If auditions of equal quality are made, priority will go to older (M3, M2, then M1) students with the rationale that this is the last time they can take part in a middle school age event while youngers students will have other years to participate.
-It will be the student/family’s obligation to pay for the program fee as well as transportation (flights) to Lusaka and back.
-If 9 students attend, the program cost per student will be: 266£
-If 6 students attend, the program cost per student will be: 294£
-Two chaperones will attend, 1 male (Mr Dixon) and 1 female (TBD)
-AMIS is a very well-respected organization around the world and they have announced this is their first festival to be hosted on the African continent. It will be a great opportunity for students to attend!
-Please contact Mr Dixon directly to express interest ASAP.

Primary Student Council raise funds for Rotary Arusha

The Primary Student Council were able to provide every Triathlon competitor with a free drink at the end of the race last Saturday. They also raised TZS112 000 which they have donated to the Rotary Club of Arusha. Magnificent service!

Plastic Waste Collection

As we admire the completion of the new changing rooms, (see picture above) we can remind ourselves that the walls of these fine buildings were constructed using recycled waste plastic. Waste plastic in our environment is a hazard that can be collected and put to good use.

Next Monday, 25th of September, we are going to do our first plastic collection day just across the street from Aim Mall. I will supervise the activity, and Mr Gift Tyea will accompany us. There will also be Mr Lazar, who takes part in Dunia Designs project.

United World College Update

UWC schools have identified lack of access to education as a major issue affecting young refugees. They are five times more likely to be out of school than more fortunate young people. Refugee communities need future leaders with strong abilities, social consciousness and drive for peace and reconciliation. As a result of this an average of 5% of students at UWC schools are refugees and this year in light of the escalation of many young people fleeing conflict and natural disasters they are increasing their number of scholarships annually by 100, read here:

ISM has started its own refugee initiative training secondary school teachers in Kakuma camp in Kenya in partnership with Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, UNHCR Kenya and Windle Trust who run the secondary schools in the camp. Our teachers are online mentors to the new teachers in the camp and will be running workshops to help the new teachers with skills such as classroom management, teacher and student welfare and how to break down curriculum for classroom teaching. You can read more in our Summit magazine here:
Through this initiative we are also looking for donors to help support a number of refugee scholarships to our IB Diploma course at ISM. Please contact for more information on this or you can support us with a one off donation or monthly contribution at:

German Teacher Needed

If anyone knows of someone in Arusha who may be willing/able to teach German, please could you pass on their contact details to Darren via 

Many thanks