Arusha Campus News – 7 Oct 2017

Arusha Campus Newsletter 7th October 2017

The successful ISMAC Primary Athletics team that performed so heroically at Kennedy House earlier this week.

Dear Parents

What a difference a few weeks makes. I remember starting the Quarter to a small assembly audience on a gloomy day in August. Yesterday, on a sunny afternoon, things could not have been more different. There wasn’t a seat available in the performance area, spirits were high, voices loud and best of all………we celebrated the certainty of the DIploma Programme re-starting on Arusha Campus in August 2018!

What a wonderful way to start our holidays! 

A long newsletter this week so my words will be few. We will see you all back at ISMAC on Monday 23rd October.


From the Primary & Secondary Schools

The last week of Quarter One has been full of fun (see EC swimming – right) and productivity.

Primary athletics saw ISM Arusha perform extremely well at Kennedy House. While in secondary we saw the U19 footballers and U15 basketball players in action at SCIS. Well done to all those who took part and represented the campus.

On Wednesday we hosted primary 3-way conferences for students in EC-P6. These were really well attended: many thanks to all those parents who took the time to meet and discuss their child(ren)s progress. 

In secondary, Quarter One reports will be issued via email on Friday 6 October. After the October break, M1-D2 parents will have the opportunity to discuss progress at our parent-teacher conferences. These will take place on Wednesday 25 October.

In our first week back we will host a Canadian university fair (Monday 23 October) for M5 and D2, along with attending United Nations Day celebrations with M4 at the UN base on Tuesday 24. The new quarter will again be action-packed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their hard work over the past eight weeks. They have again shown they are world class educators and extremely dedicated to all our students.

Wishing you an amazing break and looking forward to welcoming you all back safely,


Culture Clash Poems by M3

The M3 Class, with Mr Hoover,  have been reflecting on the issues that make up ‘Culture Clash’ in their lives. We will publish one poem each week for the next five weeks. This week we will start with a poem by Kyla Nolling- called ‘Reflections on Moving to a New Place’

I felt, at first,
Something break
Slowly fall into an endless abyss
Like a tear trickling down a cheek
an ocean of despondency.

A foreign tongue introduced
But not understood.
An unknown place with people of the same nature,
They stare down the outsiders, but it’s
Their food that’s out of the ordinary
Their clothes that are peculiar,
Their ways that are strange.
Isn’t it?

Why do I feel so out of place? Where do I really belong?
The earth unfamiliar beneath bare heels.

A seedling of hope
Is felt beneath the surface,
To rise.

New possibilities,
Develop within

The world is seen from a new perspective,
Interesting food
Expressive clothing
New ways to be learned.

It’s not so abnormal anymore-
And overflowing with

More cultures as my own
Uniting within to become
Part of me.

I have more traditions, more family, more love.
So maybe I’m just lucky.
Now, I have another world
Inside me,
another place to feel
To be myself
Now, I have another place
That I can call

Parent Workshop – Bullying: Thursday 2 November

On Thursday 2 November we will be holding a parent workshop for primary and secondary, focusing on bullying. This workshop will be led by Keri Kinabo, an experienced counsellor who has worked extensively in the USA and now a parent at ISM Arusha. The workshop will focus on what bullying is, how we can empower students and how as adults we can facilitate change.

Please join us from 08.00 to 09.30.

M1 Folktales and Teacher Storytellers Event

Save the Date: (Thursday, October 26th, 12-1 PM)

On Thursday, October 26th, we will be hosting a folktale event at the Performance Area between 12 and 1.

At this event, the M1s will be sharing the folktales they wrote and some of our very own ISMAC Teachers and Administrators (Mr. Phil, Miss Ann-Joyce, Miss Linda, Mr. Tyler, Miss Arora)  will be sharing some folktales from around the world.

We are hoping that students, parents, and other teachers will come during lunch to listen to these stories and learn the answers to questions like these:

Why does the Cheetah run so fast?
How did the Dung Beetle save the world?
Why does the Hyena eat at night?
Why is the Sloth so slow?
Who are the Shadows that attack animals?

Yoga at ISMAC

We have been very lucky to experience yoga at ISMAC this quarter courtesy of Leila’s mum, Marion. Yoga which has been taught on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for EC, P1, P2 and P5?
Last week in P2 and P5 we were doing a Moon adventure, talking about gravity, using a feather to see how it ‘floats’, flying through space in our rocket, putting on our Moonsuit, walking on the Moon, and making a drawing about how we got back to the Earth, some children really used their imagination, climbing down a ladder, sitting on the back of a bird, sliding down a slide! The practices not only aim at physical strength and flexibility, but also improve concentration, creative thinking, body and self-awareness, observation, clear thinking and much more.

During the past year and a half, i have organised 2 Kids yoga teachers training courses, bringing 2 Dutch teacher trainers to Tz, to train and certify (by British Wheel of Yoga and International Yoga Alliance) 8 TZ teachers and international students to become Kids Yoga Teachers. Four of the Tz teachers i am still guiding and are now joining the classes at ISM and have started teaching at local schools and communities.

My aim is to have the teachers become completely independent, earning their own salaries by teaching yoga to children as well as adults. I work as a volunteer. A full adult teachers training for the Tz teachers is being planned to take place next year.

Another focus point is the spreading of yoga and mindfulness in the classroom (the flyer is on the ISM notice board).
In March next year, Dutch trainer Femmy Brug, will return to Tz, and offer a 2 day intensive training for schoolteachers and other people working with children (175 US$ per person, to cover the costs for the trainer).
Also Tz schoolteachers teaching at local schools will be invited to join for free.

Wizard of Oz

M2 and M3 have been helping out with the Wizard of Oz. Here we have them creating mask bases for eight flying monkeys.



7th, 8th and 9th December!

Arusha Swim Club-Swim Camp

This October break, Coach Khalid  is offering  a 5 day Swim Camp from 09th to 13th October. Below is the breakdown of the camp.

Stroke Focus

Monday – Freestyle

Tuesday – Breast

Wednesday – Back

Thursday – Fly

Friday – Relays & Sprinting & Time Trial

Daily Schedule

0800 – Video/Dryland.                                          0900 – Swim Session-Begginners

1030 – Snack – bring your own/Parents Pick up beginners

1030-1100 – Video/Dryland                                 1100-1230 – Swim Session-Intermediate/Advanced

1230-0100 – Lunch/Parents Pick up Int/Adv

Coach Khalid’s Bio

Coach Khalid has more than 13 years of Swimming and Coaching including Beijing 2008 Olympics. Some of his qualifications are:

Certified FINA Level 3 Coach
Certified FINA Official Referee
ASCA Level 4 Certified Coach

Cost per session: $20US    Cost for the week: $60US

Costs should be paid on the first day to Coach Khalid, and can be paid in t-shillings equivalent.

Canadian University Fair – 23 October 2017

ISM Arusha will be hosting the Canadian University fair at 11.45 on Monday 23 October. Parents are welcome to attend.

Glass Bottles Wanted

The Plaster House expansion is happening apace! We will put in some bottle walls for a little bit of glam and difference.
But we need your help!
We are looking for CLEAR and BLUE glass bottles to be cut down and put into our walls.

Please leave your bottles at reception or give them directly to Sarah or message me if you have a large amount to be collected

Thanks so much!


Sarah Rejman
+255 753 296 649

German Teacher Needed

If anyone knows of someone in Arusha who may be willing/able to teach German, please could you pass on their contact details to Darren via 

Many thanks

Calendar 2017/18