Arusha Campus News – 4 Nov 17

4 Nov 2017

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 4th November 2017

One of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award groups sets off through the acacia woodland in search of the first checkpoint of the day

Dear Parents

We have welcomed the refreshing rain to Arusha Campus this week and the new life in the trees and vegetation around school has been a delight to witness. This morning we waved off the Outdoor Pursuits Level 1 trip to Mandara Huts on Kilimanjaro. No sooner had the bus disappeared into the misty rain when the Under-11 rounders team took to the pitch for their competition at St Constantine’s. Unfortunately, the rounders was rained off and we can only hope that Kilimanjaro is a bit drier!

However, everything was placed in stark perspective this week as we learned of the death of Nolan Kishe (pictured right), a student at our friends St Constantine’s School down the road. Nolan was known to many of us here at ISMAC and well known as the character to bring sunshine to any gloomy day. Nolan collapsed while football training last week and never recovered from the coma into which he fell.

Our heartfelt condolences are shared with Nolan’s mum and dad, his family and of course Headmaster Tony and everyone at SCIS.

Nolan Kishe, 2002-2017 RIP


Arusha Medivac provides Tanzanian citizens, residents and visitors with medical air evacuation within Tanzania and to Nairobi, Kenya. We are the only service provider with our own aircraft and professional medical team in Tanzania.
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From the Primary & Secondary Schools

We have had a week of successes: Mount Hanang OP trip with Moshi campus (left); a bullying workshop for parents and a visit by Laurence Nodder from UWC; not to mention an Ugly Five sharetime on Friday with PYP.

We now look forward to OP Level 1 to Mandara Hut, along with U11 Rounders, U13 Basketball, U15 Basketball and U19 Football at SCIS, all this weekend.

In the coming week, P6 are travelling to Tarangire with students from Plasterhouse to learn about wildlife education in a collaborative environment; we wish them well for the trip. We will also welcome the University of Alberta on Tuesday, along with taking EC to the Snake Park on Wednesday.

We will end next week with Primary and Secondary Athletics on Friday and Saturday: parents are welcome to come and cheer along our athletes.

Have a great week,


M2 Changing Genres

During Quarter 2, the M2s learned about different genres in English.  As a summative assessment, they rewrote a folktale or fairy tale in a different genre.  For instance, one student rewrote Red Riding Hood as a comedy, another rewrote Peter Pan as a Sci-Fi action story, and another rewrote the Three Little Pigs as a horror story.

On Friday, October 27th, the M2s shared their stories with the P6s (pictured above).  Then, on Monday, October 30th, they shared their stories with the P4/5s for the first part of class. During the second part of class, the P4/5s shared a great Reader’s Theater they have been working on for their Civilization unit.

Mount Hanang – OP L3

On Saturday eight students from M3 at Arusha,  joined eighteen students from Moshi and travelled to Katesh. After a night at basecamp, the group climbed to high camp and a blustery night. On Monday the students started out at first light for a 3.5 hour hike to the summit, at 3,417m. After trekking back down to high camp and packing up the tents, the group headed back down to basecamp: after ten hours we arrived back for a well deserved rest. On Tuesday, before returning back to Arusha, the students visited Lake Balangida, an alkaline lake in the Rift Valley.

The students were excellent throughout the trip and deserve to be commended on their efforts.

Scrambling towards the summit

Trekking down from high camp

Lake Balangida

M5 Monologues with Miss Arora

I was privileged to be invited to watch the M5’s (pictured right) perform their monologues for Miss Arora in their Drama class on Friday. Expert character studies on a varierty of iconic personalities ranging from Muhammad Ali to Sir Winston Churchill.

The performances of Asia, Alfie, Jay, Salme, Dan and Milos were outstanding and a credit to Miss Arora and the work going on in that class.

Roll on Wizard of Oz!

In stark contrast, Mr Dixon, Mrs Lema, Mrs Bowen, Miss Alley, Ms Carmen and Miss Ann-Joyce demonstrated the amateur end of the thespian talent spectrum to excellent effect at Friday’s Primary assembly. Their performance of ‘The Ugly Five’ is unlikely to live long in the memories of the watching children and parents. However, their bravery in performaing under the lights with minimal rehearsal time must be commended! Thank you teachers!

M3 Poetry Series – A poem by Chloe Woodley

A Hallowe’en Thank You

If you were present at Tuesday’s Hallowe’en event you cannot have failed to admire the order and teamwork that went into its organisation. For that we have to thank our fabulous PTA (their husbands!) and most especially to Carolynn Fischer and Sarah Lema for their hard work in getting everything ready.

Here, pictured left, are P6 in Hallowe’en costumes ready for the parade

Thank you everyone!

Volunteers Needed for Athletics Days

Our Annual Interschool Athletics meet is steadily approaching! We will be hosting Primary from 10:00am-3:00pm on Friday November 10th and Secondary from 9:00am – 2:00pm on Saturday November 11th.

We are desperate for volunteers to help time and/or help run some of the different field events. If you are available please email Jessica Peterson at

Does your child need any extra Maths help?

Many of you will remember Mariam Issa who was one of our successful diploma graduates last year. Mariam is still in Arusha preparing to go to University next year. 

Mariam is offering maths coaching to Primary students who may need the extra help.

If you are interested, please email Mariam on or see your class teacher who can arrange this with Mariam directly.