Arusha Campus News – 10 Nov 17

10 Nov 2017

Arusha Campus Newsletter Friday 10th November 2017

Dear Parents

This newsletter comes to you just as the curtain comes down on the Primary NTAA Athletics meet here at ISMAC which took place today. Griffyn (a picture of concentration above) was one of our star athletes on the day. It was a day of super competition and sportsmanship. Well done everyone and especially to our Head of PE, Miss Peterson for running such a smooth event. There will be more tomorrow as we welcome the Seocndary teams. Lets hope for more of the same. Good luck everyone.

Lots of trips to report on in this week’s bulletin. Read on to find out about trips to Kilimanjaro and Tarangire!

Have a super weekend.


Arusha Medivac provides Tanzanian citizens, residents and visitors with medical air evacuation within Tanzania and to Nairobi, Kenya. We are the only service provider with our own aircraft and professional medical team in Tanzania.
Utilizing a fixed-wing aircraft configured with life-saving medical equipment and supplies, Arusha Medivac is regulated by the TCAA and runs in accordance to all civil aviation regulations. Behind every call for service is a team of professionals driven by compassion. Arusha Medivac is dedicated to delivering the best possible care.
Arusha Medivac offers a variety of memberships ensuring everyone is covered while living and traveling in Tanzania. We also offer a fee for service option to enable anyone in a medical emergency to receive assistance when they need it most.
For more information about getting yourself or your family covered email

From the Primary & Secondary Schools

This week has seen a number of our PYP students involved in learning outside of the classroom: P6 joined Plaster House for a three day safari into Tarangire and EC enjoyed getting to know the residents of the Snake Park – Left: Miss Liz introduces the students to a snake (harmless of course).

The fun and excitement continued on the sports field with U9 rounders at St Constantines on Tuesday. This was followed by a Primary athletics competition at ISMAC on Friday. Our students performed extremely well at all these events and should be congratulated for their efforts.

I will be out of school for the next week as I travel to Austria for a Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation visit: this involves educators from around the world coming together as a team to look into the operations of a school, with the hope of extending their accrediation. This is amazing professional development for the team, allowing us to examine the workings of a school and bring back excellent ideas to our own schools. While I am away please direct questions and queries to Liz Acomb (PYP), Florence Larpent (MYP) and Reed Anderson (DP). I will return to ISM Arusha on Monday 20 November.

I wish you all a great week,


OP Level 1 Trip to Mandara Hut

It was quite the experience as we climbed through a great amount of rain up to the Mandara Huts with M1. The M1 students did a fantastic job with their attitudes and patience on this trip with each other. We trekked through the rain to reach our final destination of a warm yet damp bed in the hut which seemed to be heaven on earth. There was a lot of laughter, some A-Z animal guessing games and beauty surrounding us as we made the climb up and down Kilimanjaro on November 4-5. Great job and well done to all of Moshi students and Arusha students for completing Level 1 with Miss Alley, Miss Alina and ISM’s very own Director, Dr Marsden! Safi sana and hongera to all.

P6 and Plaster House trip to Tarangire

P6 visited Tarangire National Park with students from Plaster House this week. Although many animals have begun to leave the park we managed to see lions, elephants, giraffe, waterbuck, ostriches, eland, wildebeests, zebra, hyena, vulture, monitor lizard and a snake! Suryanshu says the best thing was seeing the scorpions with a UV light. Jeremias enjoyed seeing the lions….finally and he said the Kananga trucks were fun! Mia thought the best part was performing in the talent show with the beetle bugs and food was delicious. The P6 class participated in a bush walk, fabric painting, poetry, game drives and a talent show full of surprises!

Below this paragraph appears one of our poems. This one is by Hana and was inspired by the baobab that loomed above our camp site.

The Lion of the camp was awarded to Jeremias and the Lioness of the camp was awarded to Mia.

The Baobab by Hana Linck


There it stood,

as still as the air,

green leaves appear,

beautiful and fair,
its got colors and designs,
like patterns on skin,
the broken-off bark,
shows the beauty within,
the branches reach out,
as if grabbing the breeze,
then nails start to grow,
as green as the trees,
you look at the trunk,
so big and so tall,
you give it a hug,
its like hugging a wall!
So why do I wonder,
so many things,
but I know the answer,
its a Baobab tree.

M3 Poetry – Overfishing and the Ama in Japan by Caedmon Swanson

Ancillary & Support Staff Recognition

At the end of the first semester each year we take time to recognise and celebrate our ancillary and support staff, for all the work they do to make our campus safe and a wonderful place to be. The Social Committee organise a party and gifts for each of the 52 staff. If you would like to contribute towards these gifts (funds or goods e.g flour, sugar, teabags, rice) there will be a wrapped box in the Main Reception for any donations.

Thank you very much for your support

ISMAC Social Committee

German Teacher Available

If your child would like to have German lessons, Maximilian Spoula a native German speaker has recently moved to Arusha. Please contact him on +255 679 751427 or

Does your child need any extra Maths help?

Many of you will remember Mariam Issa who was one of our successful diploma graduates last year. Mariam is still in Arusha preparing to go to University next year. 

Mariam is offering maths coaching to Primary students who may need the extra help.

If you are interested, please email Mariam on or see your class teacher who can arrange this with Mariam directly.

Old Electrical Motors Needed

Calling all Parents! If you have an old generator, water pump, alternator, starter or in fact any kind of electrical wound motor – then Rajabu, our electrical fundi here at ISMAC would be interested in taking it off your hands as he develops his auto-electric skills.

Please send any such unwanted devices to Caroline or Phil in the main office.

Asanteni sana!