Arusha Campus News – 30 Nov 17

2 Dec 2017

Arusha Campus Newsletter Thursday 30th November 2017

Dear Parents

Those that travelled to Moshi last weekend will be most grateful for the shortened week. Tomorrow is of course Mawlid, the day we celebrate the Prohet Mohammed’s birthday. We wish everyone in our community a Happy Mawlid-al-Nabi.

Now, there should be no excuses for missing the event of the year which is coming up on Thursday and Friday. Wizard of Oz of course! Please get your tickets in advance from Caroline at Reception.

I make no excuses for devoting much of this week’s newsletter to our magnificent sportswomen and men who represented ISMAC in Moshi last weekend. Every single athlete made me very proud indeed and so I cannot possibly single out any individual. If you are a parent you should feel extremely proud. They were athletic, disciplined, fun to be with and best of all supremely sporting. Congratulations must go to the winning Under-15 Ladies Netball team. They won their title and could have so easily done the same in football and basketball too. Also, lets hear a big well done to Neal Aggarwal who won the tennis competition against all-comers. Magnificent achievement Neal. Finally, thank you to Miss Peterson, Miss Arora, Miss Caroline, `Mr Acomb, Mr Tyea, Mr Meela, Mr Hoover, Mr Emond, Mr Anderson and Mr Swanson who all accompanied the students to Moshi for the weekend. Thank you. Enjoy Mr Acomb’s splendid photographs.


Captain Marvel, Pieter de Raadt challenges for the ball in front of the watching  ISMAC fans

Where’s Mr Dixon?

Our musical maestro Mr Dixon (arrowed) was flirting with high life yet again this weekend, this time with the Dar es Salaam  Choral Society led by Hekima Raymond.

OUR CHAMPIONS! The Under 15 girls were superb in everything they did – basketball, footballl and netball!

Yannick starts another attack for the Under 15 Rugby team

Lea marshalls the ISMAC Under 15 defence with Dana in close support

The Under-19 Basketball team take instructions from Jack, their injured skipper

Caedmon closes down a Morogoro attacker in the Under 15 football team

P3 Trip to Shanga

Aidan R holds up his Shanga creation (above)

P3 class took an eventful trip to Shanga to explore how solids can turn into liquids by using a gas. We got to walk on glass and hear the clingy noises of glass under our shoes, we met new people who work at Shanga who share their talents with the world creating blankets, glassware, christmas stockings, beads and aprons for coooking that are all made out of recycled materials such as; kangas, glass bottles and thread. Two of our very own ISMAC students, Kasia and Henry got the opportunity to blow glass and see the reaction that took place. Thanks Shanga and our host Paul for a wonderful trip.

M5 Personal Project Report Workshop


This week, the students of M5 took part in a report workshop.(see picture above) The report is surely the biggest part of the whole Personal Project journey, as it shows all the process that’s behind the final product. In this workshop, they had the chance to enhance their understanding of the how’s and the why’s of producing a final report. Congratulations to them for the focus and the engagement in the tasks! Things are going fast: December 4 is already the deadline for them to hand in their final product after 8 months of hard labour. It will be interesting to see our creative our M5’s can be when it’s time to put passion and work together. Keep in mind March 20, the day where the Personal Project Exhibition will take place. The students will have then the opportunity to show what they can do to the community, and mostly, how they are able make the world better in their own way. More information will follow in the next months. Keep it up, M5’s!

Kananga at ISMAC

A few weeks ago, we were really stuck. We had a proposed P6 Plasterhouse excursion to Tarangire planned but no transport options! Kananga came to our rescue and offered us their trucks at cost price and the trip was able to go ahead. Traditionally, Kananga staff play a company football match at ISMAC. This year was no different and plenty of fun was had by all.

For a family weekend getaway, a group excursion, a company incentive, a research or seminar group, a wedding, a retreat or just a day away from Arusha, Kananga overland trucks are available for hire.
And for all ISM parents or ISM students, Kananga will give a special 20% discount on the daily charter rate for all charters confirmed by 31-03-18.

Anyone for Yoga

German Teacher Available

If your child would like to have German lessons, Maximilian Spoula a native German speaker has recently moved to Arusha. Please contact him on +255 679 751427 or

Does your child need any extra Maths help?

Many of you will remember Mariam Issa who was one of our successful diploma graduates last year. Mariam is still in Arusha preparing to go to University next year. 

Mariam is offering maths coaching to Primary students who may need the extra help.

If you are interested, please email Mariam on or see your class teacher who can arrange this with Mariam directly.

Old Electrical Motors Needed

Calling all Parents! If you have an old generator, water pump, alternator, starter or in fact any kind of electrical wound motor – then Rajabu, our electrical fundi here at ISMAC would be interested in taking it off your hands as he develops his auto-electric skills.

Please send any such unwanted devices to Caroline or Phil in the main office.

Asanteni sana!