Arusha Campus News – 10 March 2018

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 10th March 2018

The twenty one scholarship hopefuls who gathered on Moshi Campus yesterday for interviews.

Dear Parents

Quentin, Zarine, Amit and Julia were four of the very best yesterday. We are very proud of them indeed!

Yesterday our Primary swimmers popped down the road to St Constantine’s to take part in the NTAA Swim Gala. Every competitor from ISMAC performed heroically and there were certainly some personal bests set out there. It was an excruciatingly hot day and yet our supportive mums and dads turned out in force to cheer them on.  We will just have to wait and see how ISMAC place overall in the standings. Today, we will all be there again for the Secondary NTAA swim gala. Best of luck to our secondary swimmers and a huge thank you to Coach Khalid for turning our swimmers out in such good shape for these events.

Whilst the splashes and spills were taking place in Arusha, the altogether more serious business of ISM Scholarship Interviews was taking place on Moshi Campus. Twenty-one scholars out of over 80 applicants, were invited to attend scholarship interviews yesterday. The process has been painstaking and time-consuming for the selection team and no-doubt anxiety inducing for the candidates themselves. By the end of the weekend, a handful of lucky scholars will have been informed about their selection and an announcement will be made next week. I would like to personally thank my counterpart , Mr Bob Cofer, on Moshi Campus for driving this process. Bob has invested countless hours to making this process work and he deserves a well-earned rest this weekend!

Finally, two messages from me. Best of luck to the first mountain bikers to go on an OP trip – they set off at about the time this newsletter gets to you! And lastly, don’t miss our ‘Kushiriki’ literature appreciation night that is coming up this week. See the poster in this newsletter.

Have a peaceful weekend.


From the Primary School

The formidable line up of the ISMAC Early Childhood Football Squad as they prepare to take on all-comers at the EC Football Tournament (above). Mark leads an ISMAC onslaught in pursuit of the ball (below).

Friday saw the sporting event of the year in the annual PreKinder/Early Years Football tournament hosted by Braeburn. Unfortunately we have had many sick students in EC this week so we had a smaller squad which meant some players had to play in both of our teams. After a tense and challenging first few matches, the teams got the hang of it and scored in several matches. With a little luck on our side we reached the play offs and eventually came 3rd out of 8 teams with a score of 2-0 against Braeburn. A huge congratulations to the students, and a big well done to Mark for being our super goalie and Jesse and Arnold who had to play in every match. Thanks to Miss Liz!

Fashion Fever overtook P3 this week in the form of a catwalk show with a Famous Explorers theme. P3 students did a fantastic job as they strutted their stuff on the Famous Faces Fashion Show! Their unit was about explorers and why people explore, what they did on their explorations and how these explorers made an impact on new discoveries. Thanks to Miss Alley!

The week kicked off with the most terrific Gallery of Art and Drama in P2. Their Unit was on How we Express Ourselves and my golly they certainly did that to good effect on Wednesday. Thanks to Miss Carmen!

Linnea leads the way on the red carpet!

Carice with her rendition of Paul Klee’s Legend of the Nile.

Aidan R cuts a mean look in his catwalk foray

M3 Science Fair with Miss Wood

Magnus explores the science of Shape in his exhibition

We always look forward to the time of year when the M3 Science Exhibition comes to town. This year did not disappoint! Some terrific  demonstrations of scientific experiments and more importantly scientific thinking. All of the exhibitions adeptly illustrated the inquiry that is going on in MYP Science this year. Many thanks to Nana Woodley for the photos, and of course Miss Wood for teaching them all!

Chloe is pictured right explaining the theory behind her survey on whether certain animals are more effective at eliciting people’s conservation sympathy, than others.

International Women’s Day

Leila, Georgie, Laura and Miss Arora say ‘No!’ to gender inequality at the rally in Arusha town centre on Thursday.

Glorious Gal at TALIS

Two weeks ago some of our swimmers travelled to Dar es Salaam for the TALIS invitational swim cahampionships. This is a prestigious event to which the top swimmers from all around Tanzania are invited.

One of our fastest swimmers at ISMAC is Gal Begerano and this talent was recognised at the event by the organisers who awarded Gal with the trophy for third best swimmer overall. 

Here he is (pictured right) with the other trophy winners. Well done Gal – a thoroughly deserved accolade after his exceptional swim performances this year.

Outdoor Pursuits

The OP mountain bike trip on March 10-11 is now full. There are still places available for the following hiking trips: Level 1B to South Pare mountains, Level 2 to Usambara mountains and Level 5 to Uhuru peak.

Please see below information regarding OP dates and cost:

M5 Work Experience in May

As part of our experiential learning programme, M5 students will undertake a one-week work experience from May 21-25 after their MYP on-screen examinations. We advise students and parents to start thinking now about possible institutions and/or organizations that they would be interested in for their work experience. The choice should be based on the student’s interests and career goals. More information about work experience will be sent at the end of this quarter.

DELF at the Alliance Française

The DELF (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) is an internationally recognized diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify the competency of candidates in the French Language. There is an opportunity to sign-up for a DELF session in June with the Alliance Française of Arusha.  This event is for non-native French students who would like their French skills to be recognized for personal or professional purposes. Sign-up will take place on March 13-31 for primary students and April 28- May 18 for Secondary students. If you are interested, please contact Consolata Aniceti from the Alliance:

Scholarship for Expats!

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