Arusha Campus News – 16 March 2018

Arusha Campus Newsletter Friday 16th March 2018

Shaheen recites her emotive, winning poem “I am a Muslim”

Dear Parents

“Kushiriki!’ – well we did something a little bit different on Wednesday evening and celebrated the wonderful literary accomplishments of our students. Our language A teachers are doing a magnificent job and we commend Miss Arora, Mr Asseri and Mr Hoover. Read Mr Acomb’s comments below.

What fun the OP Mountain Bike trip turned out to be. Well done Miss Larpent, Mr Isaac from Moshi and all the students for making the event so successful. The picture above says it all.

Congratulations to all our student and parent athletes who have had a tremendous week at ISMAC. Our competitive sporting seasons are drawing to a close and the bulletin that I sent out yeaterday illustrates the level at which ISMAC competes. We are one of the smaller schools in the league and yet we consistently feature at the loftier ends of the competitors rostrum. I feel we are lucky to have such a strong team in Miss Peterson and our supportive parent body and PTA. Thank you.

FInally, we will be introducing our newly recruited teachers in he newsletter over the next few weeks. FIrst to be introduced is Niocie Browne who is making the intrepid journey across the middle of Africa to join us here in Arusha, with her daughter Ameerah. Niocie will be coming to teach Secondary Mathematics. Welcome Niocie and Ameerah!

Have a great week everyone and see some of you at the sports day in Moshi tomorrow.


From the Primary and Secondary School

Dear Parents,

As you read this the excitement will be building for the primary sporting event of the year: the Moshi primary Sports Weekend. Over forty students from P2-P6 will be travelling to Moshi to compete in football and swimming events. We wish them all well and hope for dry weather.

This week has been extremely busy already, with Wednesday kicking off with M1’s ‘Morning at the Museum’. As part of I&S the students had studied ancient civilisations and concluded the unit by creating museum exhibits; inviting parents and staff to admire their work and quiz them on their knowledge. We certainly discovered that we have some budding curators in our midst. Well done M1.

On Wednesday evening we had a celebration of drama and literature at the Kushiriki event (pictiured above). This highlighted not only the acting talents of our amazing M5 drama students, who performed their ePortfolio pieces, but also the writing talents of MYP students. Special mention has to go to Shaheen and Harsh, who performed their award winning (first and third places) ‘poetry slam’ poems. Well done to everyone who took part.

On Friday we celebrated the aquatic achievements of our 6 to 11 year old swimmers, with medals and certificates being handed out at the PYP share time. Again, a huge congratulations to them all.

Last week we successfully completed MAP testing across P4 to P6. Next week comes the turn of M1 to M3; students will take part in maths, language and reading assessments, with M3 also taking science. All the best to you all.

On Tuesday next week ISM Arusha hosts the annual D2 Visual Art and M5 Personal Project Exhibition. This event celebrates the culmination of the two courses and brings the community together to celebrate the creative talents of our students. The event takes place at the Art & Design Pavilion and begins at 18.00. Please come along and celebrate with us.

Next week is also the last week of Quarter Three. On Friday 23 March we will finish the quarter with a whole school assembly at 11.20 and school will end at 12.00. We will also be issuing reports to M1-D2, which will be emailed to parents.

I wish you all a great weekend,


Morning at the Museum with M1

Meet the new teachers – Niocie Browne (Mathematics)

Hello Everyone!
My name is Niocie Browne and this is my ‘almost 5’ year old daughter Ameerah Browne. This picture was taken on ‘The road to Vermosh’ in Albania, during our last Christmas vacation.  Ameerah and I are very adventurous and we love the outdoors.
We are from Guyana, the only English speaking country in South America. Guyana is located between Venezuela and Suriname. However, we spent the last two years in Congo Republic and it was my desire to remain in Africa for at least another two years. So we are very excited about joining the ISM family.
Looking forward to meeting you all.

MYP Round-up

M5 students are busy finalizing their ePortfolios in Design, PHE, French, Music, Drama and Visual Arts. Next week, they will celebrate the completion of their Personal Project with the Personal Project Exhibition, starting at 6 pm on Tuesday.  Quarter 4 will continue to be busy with mock on- screen exams in April followed by the final on-screen examinations in May. 

Besides the familiarization sessions completed at the end of Q2, students also have access to past on-screen exam packages in order to practice on their laptops during the holidays. Past exams are available from the Resource Gallery on the school server (as the exam packages are too big to upload on ManageBac). M5 students are reminded to bring their USB key in order to copy the past exams for additional practice at home.

Outdoor Pursuits

53 kilometers, 18 ISMAC students, 10 punctures, 6 slips and falls, 2 OP Coordinators, 1 fundi, 0 emergency evacuation and …. lots and lots of fun!

We are pleased to see that the new OP Mountain Bike trip was a success and  many students are already asking about the next one! On the first day students cycled 31 kilometers, starting from ISMAC, going to Loljoro Hill with an overnight camp at the Harisson’s farm. The second day was slightly shorter which allowed us to be back at school early in the afternoon just before the heavy rains poured down. The terrain consisted of dirt roads and single tracks which were mainly flat with some up hills and down hills. During the trip, students learnt about safety and risk management, basic trailside repairs such as fixing punctures and basic mountain biking skills – although some students clearly had advanced skills and enjoyed performing tricks such as skidding, wheelies, jumps and much more!

Click on this link for footage of the start!

Please see below information regarding OP dates and cost:

M5 Work Experience in May

As part of our experiential learning programme, M5 students will undertake a one-week work experience from May 21-25 after their MYP on-screen examinations. We advise students and parents to start thinking now about possible institutions and/or organizations that they would be interested in for their work experience. The choice should be based on the student’s interests and career goals. More information about work experience will be sent at the end of this quarter.

DELF at the Alliance Française

The DELF (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) is an internationally recognized diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify the competency of candidates in the French Language. There is an opportunity to sign-up for a DELF session in June with the Alliance Française of Arusha.  This event is for non-native French students who would like their French skills to be recognized for personal or professional purposes. Sign-up will take place on March 13-31 for primary students and April 28- May 18 for Secondary students. If you are interested, please contact Consolata Aniceti from the Alliance: