Arusha Campus News- 7 April 2018

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 7th April 2018

Monsieur Olivier and the ISM Quebecoise storm Canada in style!

Dear Parents

Welcome back everyone and especially to Monsieur Olivier and his intrepid bunch of Canada explorers. The trip to Quebec and Montreal was terrifically successful and all of us are indepbted to Olivier for his hard work in putting this together – he deserves a holiday now!

As we start the final quarter of 2017/18 may I remind all parents to endeavour to clear their outstanding school fees. These fees are vital to us as we clear our outgoing expenditure for the academic year. Some of you will be recieving reminders in the next week or so.

Best of luck to our blue riband performers, the D2s. They are in the home straight for their Diploma course and will be furvently preparing for exams in the coming days. The D2 Exam schedule starts on Monday 30th April.

Dont forget that on Moshi Campus next Saturday we will be hosting a fundraising dinner which is advertised below. The proceeds will go toward funding a Tanzanian Scholar to attend our Diploma Programme on Moshi Campus. This scholar will be in addition to the 5 scholarship students who have already been selected for ISM. Please join us if you can. Travelling from Arusha? We have been offered preferential rates from Parkview Inn in Moshi. Please ask at Reception for details.

Finally, everyone is invited to join our assembly on human sexuality on Monday April 9. Our secondary students will share some knowledge they gained in this Life Skills unit, as well as (new) understandings, on different topics connected to the wide concept of sexuality; you can find an outline of the different short presentations in the picture below. It will be a good opportunity to open the dialogue in our community. After all, our sexuality is at the very foundation and development of our identity… and of our children’s.





Friday 18th May

International Festival


Arusha’s Got Talent

From the Primary and Secondary School

Dear Parents,

The first short week of Quarter Four is now complete. We saw the return of our international travellers: Mr Emond and the students which travelled to Quebec – all had a fantastic time. Many thanks to Mr Emond for leading the trip.

In PYP P2 have started their new unit of inquiry which focuses on transport systems. They were visited on Friday by a mystery guest: a secret rally and racing driver, who they questioned about using transport for fun. It turned out that the mystery guest was Mrs Liz who used to race and rally classic mini cars. Well done to those who guessed correctly.

D2 now have just ten days of lessons left before they start their exam leave: the next two weeks will be filled with review, revision and practice of exam style questions. We wish the students all the best for this vitally important period; make the most of every opportunity to learn from the teachers and to ask as many questions as possible. The final IB Diploma examinations will take place between Monday 30 April and Friday 18 May.

Next week the M3 students will be taking part in their interdisciplinary unit trip with Moshi Campus. The students will travel to the Cultural Arts Centre at Tumaini University and will focus on performing and visual arts, linking with Swahili. We hope the students have a great time and enjoy the experience.

Next week will also see our M5 students taking mock-onscreen exams, to help prepare them for the final MYP onscreen examinations in May. We wish them well in their preparations and revision.

On Tuesday ISM Arusha Campus will open its doors for an open day. This is a great opportunity for the community beyond ISM to sample the educational experience our students enjoy every day.

I wish everyone a good weekend and a great start to the new week,


Meet the new teachers – Shaheen Suleman (PYP P4/5)

Hello Families,
My name is Shaheen Suleman and I am looking forward to meeting all of you in person! For now, a little bit about me: My parents were born here and moved to the United States, where I was born and raised. We moved back here in time for me to complete the I.B. programme in Moshi.  I later went back to the States for University. Over the past 22 years I have been back and forth between the two countries. So, I am blessed with two homes; Seattle, Washington and Arusha, Tanzania. Two years ago I moved back to Arusha to be closer to my family and I have been teaching at Christ Church International School. As part of the ISM Alumni Community, I am overjoyed to come and teach at ISMAC.

M5 Work Experience in May

As part of our experiential learning programme, M5 students will undertake a one-week work experience from May 21-25 after their MYP on-screen examinations. We advise students and parents to start thinking now about possible institutions and/or organizations that they would be interested in for their work experience. The choice should be based on the student’s interests and career goals. More information about work experience will be sent at the end of this quarter.

M5 Mock on-screen exams

With the ePortfolios and the Personal Project completed, M5 students are now focusing on their on-screen exams. Over the holidays students had the opportunity to practise with past on-screen exams and next week they will have mock exams as an additional preparation for the final examinations in May. The mocks will take place in the IT Lab from 8 to 10 am each day in the following subjects: Sciences, I&S, Mathematics, Interdisciplinary and English. Classes will run as normal from 10 am onwards. Students are reminded to bring their headphones as they are needed for on-screen exams.

APPEAL! – Bring a friend or colleague to our Open Day