Arusha Campus News – 20 May 2018

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 20th May 2018

The scene at Friday’s International Festival on Arusha Campus

Dear Parents

Its been quite a week! PYP Exhibition, International Festival, Arusha’s Got Talent, NTAA Touch Rugby and Netball, the ISMAC Planetarium and the Moshi Campus Graduation. In this newsletter you will see a picture story of the week. I hope you managed to attend some, if not all, of these super events and enjoyed them as much as I did!


Bella, Hana and Olivia present their Gender Equity research at the PYP Exhibition

From the Primary and Secondary Schools

This week we have seen the end of the D2 final IB Diploma examinations and the M5 MYP onscreen examinations. Congratulations are due to both the D2 and M5 students.

The D2 students will be taking part in their graduation ceremony on Thursday 24 May, while the M5 are spending the week on their work experience.

The M5s will return to school on 28 May and present their experiences to M4 and parents at 13.00, in their work experience presentations. Following on from this, the M5s will take part in a service day at Kisimani School, a careers day (see flyer in this newsletter) and Diploma taster lessons.

We wish all the D2s and M5s well in the coming days, weeks and months as they transition from one stage of their education to another: school to university and MYP to DP.


10-0! Team of the Year

Undoubtedly the ISMAC team of the year. Our fabulous Under-15 netballers won every single game this season. They were unplayable! Well done Shaheen, Sehra, Udine, Hala, Lea, Ghaidaa, Dana, Alma and Gaby. Also a big hand to our amazing coaches Miss Caroline and Miss Arora.

P6 perform their version of ‘Believer’ at the PYP Exhbition

Salme strums her solo with aplomb at the Arusha’s Got Talent evening

At 3.30pm on Friday we launched the International Festival with the Parade of Nations. Here we see the amazing ISMAC South African contingent on stage!

The Moshi Campus Class of 2018 during their graduation ceremony in Moshi on Saturday afternoon

Top goalscorer Hala finds the net again

Shaheen under pressure from the SCIS midfield

Lea with another of her trademark interceptions

The South African and British tents enjoying harmonious neighbourly companionship

Thomas, Nailah and Adi explain their Exhibition work on Water Pollution

The lady who never stops helping out! Carolynn completed over 30 000 steps on International Festival day as she and her PTA colleagues arranged a fantastic day!

Keep Our School Safe

Our most precious assets are our children and if we all share the responsibility of keeping our children safe then we will be more effective. There are four actions we can all do to help us make ISM Arusha Campus more secure.

  • Collect your new BLUE carpark sticker from Reception and display it in your car(s)
  • Slow down when driving through the gate and into the car park
  • Do not stop or park your car on the main thoroughfare through school.
  • Ask you child to wear a seatbelt at all times.

Careers Symposium

M4 updates

Next week M4 students will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with on-screen examinations.

These familiarization sessions are the first step towards preparation for the M5 eAssessment next year. Students will familiarize themselves with the format of on-screen exams as well as with the IT tools required such as the electronic calculator. Students will conduct these practice exams in the IT Lab from 8 to 10 am and will follow their regular schedule for the rest of the day.

M5 updates

Congratulations to M5 students who completed their last on-screen examination on Friday. With the academic requirements over, M5s can now focus on completing their Service as Action documentation on ManageBac, the final requirement to complete the MYP.

The IB will release the results of on-screen exams and ePortfolios in early August but the MYP Certificates and Course Results are only delivered via DHL in late September/begining of October. 

We wish all M5 students well as they embark on their Work Experience Week next week.