Arusha Campus News – 26 May 2018

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 24th May 2018

The Arusha Campus Graduating Class of 2018

Dear Parents

Hongera to our Diploma Graduates! It would be a hopeless understatement to simply say that you have made us proud. We look back on your graduation as a reminder as to why we became teachers in the first place. Thursday evening was terrific and we will no sooner forget that day as you will. As our excellent speaker Dr Tim Davenport said, please remember ‘diversity’. Be diverse in your thinking and open those minds to all those ideas that come your way. Tim is pictured right awarding Mehdi with his special award on the night.

Our graduates will hopefully look back on years of weekends of Outdoor Pursuit trips and ISMAC sports fixtures with fondness and satisfaction. This morning, it was business as usual for our Level 1b students as they departed for the Pare Mountains at the crack of dawn. This left a depleted squad of rugby players and netballers to make the short journey to St Constantine’s for Under 13 and Under 11 NTAA fixtures but in spite of that they performed heroically. See the photos later in this newsletter.

Finally, it was a pleasure to host Mr Jens Waltermann to Arusha Campus on Tuesday. Jens is the Executive Director of UWC International. He and his sons proved to be hugely personable and loved ISM. Great news!

Have a super weekend.


All of us wish the 17 Arusha graduates, the best of luck with life after ISM. 

From the Primary and Secondary Schools

The exams are over and the birds have flown: our D2s enjoyed an amazing graduation ceremony on Thursday evening at AIM Mall, joined by families, friends and teachers. Their journey through life will now take them beyond ISM to such varied places such as Canada, the United States, Holland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, as well as many more. We wish them well as they move on and hope that they take with them fond memories of their time at ISM Arusha. I would like to thanks all those who helped make the ceremony such a great success, including our guest speaker Mr Tim Davenport. Special mention must go to Mr Reed Anderson, in his first year as Diploma Coordinator, who has ably led the D2s through mock and final examinations, college applications and organised an amazing graduation event. Well done to all.

As we now approach the end of the academic year, we also get ready to celebrate the M5s journey through the MYP programme. Following a very successful work experience week, the M5s will now have a week of events to ready them for entry into the Diploma programme; this will include a service day, a careers symposium and DP taster lessons. Following all this, on Monday 4 June, we will hold a celebration ceremony at 15.00 on campus.

Please note that CCAs will not take place on Monday 4 June, due to the M5 ceremony. Busses will run at 14.30 and all students not involved in the ceremony should leave campus before 15.00.

I wish you all a great weekend,


PYP Exhibition Memories

Jeremias, Troy and Mia present their Homelessness research during their PYP Exhibition earlier this month.

The SSS! Sahil, Suryanshu and Santiago tell us all about the issues surrounding poaching and hunting wildlife.

Mathematics in P2

Who said mathematicss can’t be fun? This is a gallery of pics from a recent math lesson in P2


Ben and Flavia putting the finishing on their landscapes. Next week come visit the art room for the M3 show, Landscapes in Cadmium Yellow, Vermilion Hue and Phal’o Blue.  

MYP News

Well done to M4 students have have completed formative on-screen examinations every day from 8 to 10 am this week. These sessions provided an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the format of on-screen exams as well as with the IT tools required. 

M5 students completed their week of Work Experience and Mr Olivier and Ms Larpent conducted a few visits to ensure the event was running smoothly. Next week, M5 will be busy with various events planned: Work Experience presentations, Service Day, Careers Symposium, DP Taster Days and preparation for the M5 Ceremony taking place on Monday 4 June at 3 pm.

Under-11 and -13 Netball and Rugby

Player of the tournament, Hana, under pressure from the sizeable opposition

The under-11 rugby players launch another attack against SCIS


Our Under-11 team and Under-13 teams both ended up in third place in the tournament and the large gathering of spectating parents agreed that their placing could have been so much higher had we travelled with larger squads. The U11 team played 4 consecutive games without a break in between!


Our Under-11 team had to run between the rugby pitch and netball court throughout the morning as most of the players were representing ISMAC in both sports! They ended the day in a terrific third place. Hana Linck received the joint player of the tournament award and she is pictured right with her recognition. Our Under-13 team were outstanding in spite of losing so many players to the OP trip that was taking place this weekend. In spite of this they finished in second place. Moreover Sehra Aggarwal (our tenacious GK) was given a special award for the team’s performances.

Prizewinners from International Festival

Thank you to all those students who participated in the competition to design a wedding outfit for either Prince Harry or Meghan Markle at the British tent at the International Fair. There were over 30 entrants but sadly there can only be two winners.

Julia in P3 designed a dress with a similar silhouette, if not colour, as that worn by Meghan on Saturday and Ethan P1 designed a very colourful outfit for Harry surrounded by hedgehogs, a braii and glorious sunshine!

The judging panel also liked designs for Harry, from Jeremias P6 (a Finnish psychedelic disco outfit) and Thomas P6 (a perfectly tailored Saville Row suit), and a joint design from Dalida P3 and Emma at St.Constantine’s which portrayed Meghan upon a cloud which reminded one judge of depictions of angels found in many Ethiopian churches.

Well done to all entrants. Julia and Ethan should collect their prizes from me (Ms. Katrina) next week.

Arusha’s Got Talent

Written by Magnus Fischer

Keep Our School Safe

Our most precious assets are our children and if we all share the responsibility of keeping our children safe then we will be more effective. There are four actions we can all do to help us make ISM Arusha Campus more secure.

  • Collect your new BLUE carpark sticker from Reception and display it in your car(s)
  • Slow down when driving through the gate and into the car park
  • Do not stop or park your car on the main thoroughfare through school.
  • Ask you child to wear a seatbelt at all times.

Looking for a private drum teacher?

Feel free to contact the below-listed musicians for more information:

Juniour Katanga

Call for availability. Flexible locations.


Mr. Livetti

African Drum, kit, Percussion and band musician. Available Thursdays 2:30-4:30.

Mr. Paulos Livetti is a professional drummer originally from Dar es salaam. He is a member of Stiggy Pop Band in Arusha, and has been the percussionist in many successful bands including Dar international Band, Washirika, Yekette Beat, and Ulauga.

Tel: 0784 769680