Arusha Campus News – 24 Aug 2018

Arusha Campus Newsletter August 24th 2018

Dear Parents

The message that we received from Zarine, Dalida and Samuel this afternoon in share time is my lesson for the week. What a great message. All of us at some stage can feel that we haven’t been included by our friends, and we all know how miserable that makes us feel. Almost always, this happens by accident and no-one means to be unkind. Howevr, we all have a duty to try and include others and to look around and be aware of those who are feeling left out.

With that in mind, the ISMAC PTA would like to invite all parents to their Annual General Meeting which will take place on October 2nd this year. We are unable to decide when would be the preferred time for this meeting and so I am asking you to state your preference at the following link Either way it would be great to see some new faces there. The old faces of the PTA will be there to welcome you and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Maral Sarkis (Chairperson) and her team for everything they have done to make our school better. Thanks.

Please don’t forget to come along to our Friday market next week on 31st August at 2pm. The market is in danger of closing for good if customers don’t come along so please do your best to visit this special event and support our local traders.

Have a splendid weekend, remembering to include others!


From the Primary and Secondary Schools

The second week of the new academic year saw us welcome parents to meet the teachers on Tuesday morning and afternoon: a PTA coffee morning and an MYP Information Session. Many thanks to all those parents who attended the MYP afternoon, led by Florence Larpent. Anyone who could not attend can view the information at

In the PYP we have also hosted parent information sessions for each class (P1-P6): thanks to all those parents who attended.

The PYP, MYP and DP are all routed in placing students at the centre of their learning. We all learn in different ways and varied instructional techniques aim to reach all students and allow them to get the most from activities. Collaborative learning has been proved to be one of the most effective methods, especially when linked to real world contexts. Across the primary and secondary schools I see this in action every day: in the classroom, on the sports field and beyond. Learning together works.


PYP Information Session for all Primary Parents

There will be a hands-on information workshop for all those interested in knowing more about their child’s curriculum framework. Mrs Acomb will be leading this workshop at 8am in the Primary Art Room on Wednesday 29th August. Everyone is welcome!

Buddy Time in Primary – P5/6 and P1 read books together

MAP Testing

Quarter One sees us take part in our second MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing session. The main aim of MAP is to look at growth and give students, parents and teachers indicators by which we can measure a child’s educational journey. MAP tests will take place in P4 through M3 from 10 September to 21 September, with each student taking tests in Reading, English Language and Mathematics.

These assessments are nothing for students to worry about and there is no revision or preparation they need to do. If you would like to have more information about the MAP Growth test, visit:

More information and a full schedule will be released over the coming weeks.

From the Diploma Corner

Some of you might have heard about one of the courses that we offer in the Diploma Programme, known as TOK. What is this? How does it impact my child? What do they learn? Is it Philosophy?

The Theory of Knowledge course or TOK is a course that looks at how we know what we know. It is required for all full diploma students and it looks in depth at how we acquire knowledge.  With this course students will analyze different areas of their studies and how this is fact. With this students will look at the ways of knowing (WOKs) and the areas of knowledge (AOKs). This is not Philosophy but rather helping our students question and critically analyze how they know what they know.

Throughout the Diploma Programme students will have to prepare for a TOK presentation and a final TOK essay.

Some of the questions that have been asked in D1 TOK already are:
·         If the universe is really infinite, how can we claim to know anything?
·         Does 1+1 still equal 2 in cultures that are anumeric?
·         Can “things exactly as they are” ever be objective?

Some of the past TOK Essay questions have been:

“None of us is as smart as all of us” (Eric Schmidt). Discuss the extent to which you agree with this claim with reference to personal and shared knowledge.

“A map is only useful if it simplifies things.” To what extent does this apply to knowledge?

To what extent are areas of knowledge shaped by their past? Consider with reference to two areas of knowledge.

“All knowledge depends on the recognition of patterns and anomalies.” Consider the extent to which you agree with this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge.

“The possession of knowledge confers privilege.”  To what extent is this an accurate claim?

To what extent do ways of knowing prevent us from deluding ourselves? Justify your answer with reference to at least one area of knowledge.

If you have any other questions about TOK or would like to join a class, please contact Ms. Arora or myself.

Thank you and I hope this has helped you understand TOK,

Reed Anderson
Diploma Co-ordinator, Arusha campus

Outdoor Pursuits (OP) – Quarter One

Our Outdoor Pursuits programme will start soon for the new school year. In Quarter 1, we start with our introductory levels which will allow students to get the required experience before continuing with the higher levels. Following the success of the trial of the mountain biking trips last year, we will continue offering mountain biking as part of the OP programme. We encourage everyone to get involved in this longstanding ISM programme.  OP trips for Quarter 2 will be presented shortly.

Buy your fresh greens at ISMAC

Mesula Organic Fruit and Vegetables are regular vendors at our Friday Market at ISMAC. The good news is that Mesula have agreed to come to ISMAC EVERY MONDAY and Friday with fruit and veg. Please come along and purchase your greens for the week from 1.30pm on the grass at the front of school. This new service starts Monday 20th August.
Karibuni Wote.

Triathlon Time!

Scholarship Opportunity for Expats from Clements Insurance